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My daughter is a freshaman and we bought her a macbook; she

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My daughter is a freshaman and we bought her a macbook; she has the numbers software, but has used excel during high school. She cannot figure out how to do something referred to line of best fit on excel (calculates formulas and draws line); was told when we bought it that numbers does the same stuff as excel, but we cannot figure this out. Suggestions?
Numbers is not really for calculating formulas and things of that nature, it is a new program from Apple and hasn't been developed to the degree that Microsoft Excel has.

Having been in your daughter's shoes a few years ago, I would suggest that you get her Office 2008 for Mac. Depending upon what school she attends, she may be able to get it for little or nothing. Our school charges a $20 fee for the media it is on.

I would be happy to see if her school offers something similar if you give me the name of the college.

If they do not offer this program of Home Use software, you can purchase a Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 (Home and Student Edition) for $125 from Amazon here:
Customer: replied 9 years ago.

so numbers will not help her at all; she is attending Duke University, can you check to see if it is available per your second paragraph; thanks

this is my first time using this site; do I pay you now for your first answer, or is their a separate charge to answer this? Is so, I will pay for the information you gave me, and have her research your suggestion; let me now so i can square up with you; thanks

She can purchase Office Mac 2008 from the Duke University Computer Store for $45.33

Alternatively she can just purchase Excel Mac 2008 from them for $25.87

You can contact Duke's Computer Store at(NNN) NNN-NNNNor on their website at

No, Numbers is a good program to use for presenting data in an attractive way, but not doing scientific analyses. As a freshman, she is having enough stress trying to cope with the transition to college and doesn't need the added stress of having to use the campus computers to get her work done.

Hope this helps.
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