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RoeIncarnate, Mac Software Engineer
Category: Mac
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Experience:  I have used Macs all my life (20+ years) and currently develop OS X applications.
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is it true a mac cant get a virus

Resolved Question:

is it true a mac can't get a virus?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  RoeIncarnate replied 8 years ago.
I wish this was true.

A virus, is just a computer program that someone has written to do bad things and usually spread itself.

A Mac can get a virus. However, currently, just about all viruses are written to attack MS Windows computers. So a Mac cannot get these viruses. Eventually, someone will write a virus for the Mac, but since Macs are only about 5% of the world's personal computer, most virus writers are attacking MS Windows.

As an aside. Mac OS X is based on a flavour of UNIX, which is an operating system that has been around for 30+ years and was designed to be secure from the ground up.

In practical terms, currently a Mac is a very safe computer to use.

Hope this helps clarify things for you.

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