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I Have a newer iMac (intel) which uses Mac OS X (10.5.2).

Customer Question

I Have a newer iMac (intel) which uses Mac OS X (10.5.2). The web browser is Safari. After successfully using Safari for many months to access the web, yesterday we started being shut out from using the web. After trying to launch Safari we receive the message "Safari can't conect to the server." I've re-booted the computer, checked all connections, had the cable company check the signal and it comes up as a strong signal to the ethernet cable going into the back of the computer. Please advise how I should go about to fix this problem. Thanks in advance.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Mike replied 8 years ago.

Safari will give this message when there is no access to the Internet. Ok, duh on that one. But this time I believe the DNS, or Domain Name Servers are not responding for you. So let's set up a couple of servers and see if we can fix this.

Go to your System Preferences from the Apple Menu
Click once on Network, about halfway down the window, a little gray globe
Inside here we need to see what info is setup for your Ethernet port (or Airport if you use that)
Click once on Ethernet and then look at the DNS line. Anything in there? Maybe, but it may not be responding. So we will replace them.

For the DNS we will add the following numbers in. Type them exactly as I have them here:,

These numbers are free dns servers that will respond faster and be better for your browsing.

Click Apply at the bottom and then close the System Prefs window.

Let me know how this works. It should be all you need.

If it does work, please click on Accept. If not, please get back to me.

Mike and other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Mike: Thanks to a fellow PA resident for the swift response. I'm at work, but my Mac is at home awaiting this solution. I'lll try first thing aftre work and let you know. The answer certainly seems logical. I'm going to "accept" and follow up with you in the hope I will not need an alternative solution. I'll be in touch. Thanks again.Customer
Expert:  Mike replied 8 years ago.
No problem. I think this is what you need. It happens all the time. Especially with Comcast. They have no clue when it comes to support, especially Macs.

Thanks and let me know,

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Mike: Applied the advice from above last night. No luck. Safari still "can't find the server....." Not sure what to try next except for perhpas MacMedics! Any suggestions? Thanks.Customer
Expert:  Mike replied 8 years ago.
Ok. That's a bummer.

Just a silly question... have you tried other websites? I mean is Safari always set to open a certain web page and you get the error on this page at launch of Safari? Or have you then tried to access other sites?

I ask because usually Safari will say you are not connected to the Internet. Having it say it can't find the server seems a little further in, but it just can't find a particular site.

I will keep looking for something else to try, but get back to me about the sites. Maybe give me a link you were trying to go to?

Let me know,
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Mike: Tried all kinds of sites:,, luck, comes back with the same error message: "Safari can't find the server...." Also ran a network diagnostic. Came back saying "computer's internet connection appears to be operating normally." Also looked at the network page in the Safari preferences and the window indicates that the computer is connected to the internet.
Expert:  Mike replied 8 years ago.
One other thing, and I know your iMac is at home, but i'd like to ahve you zap the PRAM. It seems to have worked for another user who did exactly what you did... updatedto 10.5.3and Ethernet stopped working. Even though he could use the very same cable to connect his laptop,when the Mac was plugged in, it did not work.

Shut down the Imac and then find the following four keys and hold them down:
Command - Option - P - R
Hold these down immediately after pressing the power button.

Keep these keys down until you hear the chime for a third time. Release the keys and let it boot up.

Now, the person i read about had to do the PRAM zap 3 times before his Ethernet started working again, so try it and see.

Let me know,
Expert:  Mike replied 8 years ago.
Rats... I was hoping it was a single site.

OK, If everything loooks right and you have done the PRAM zapin the last answer, then we definitely have a DNS problem.

I would like to get a screen shot of your Ethernet settings in the Network pref pane. Even if you copy them down and send that to me, and I will see if anything looks weird.

Another suggestion I just came the combo updater from Apple and apply that. I am assuming you did the update with a DVD, so let's update it again and see if t works then. This will upgrade you to 10.5.4.

Let's hope we can get this thing done.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Mike: Will try the ZAP and aso get you the Ethernet settings. thanks for hanging with me. Probably be back to you tomorrow. Customer

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