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How can I move a download of Firefox to applications.

Customer Question

How can I move a download of Firefox to applications. the note says it cannot complete because Contents is in use
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Mike replied 9 years ago.
My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will help you with this.

You say it tells you Contents is busy. That means you are trying to copy into a package. Not allowed for the most part.

Firefox should be living in your Applications Folder, which is in the Macintosh HD Folder, along with System, Library, and a couple others.

This is the Applications that shows up on the left side of Finder Windows and dialog boxes.

Now, a common mistake that gets made is that the Application, Firefox in this case, gets double-clicked on the image drive that gets mounted when it finishes downloading. To install properly, we need to Quit Firefox, make sure we can see the Image icon with Firefox icon visible, then make sure the window is showing the sidbar on the left. If not, click on that window and go to View - Show Toolbar.

Now copy the icon of Firefox from the imgae window that you downloaded into the Applications folder on left sidebar. Wait for it to complete the copy and then drag the white icon image from the desktop to the trash or click the eject icon next to its name in the Sidebar.

You can now go to the Applications folder and open Firefox. To keep it in the Dock for later access, drag the icon in the Dock to the left a few icons and drop it back onto Dock. It will stay there.

If this helps, please click Accept.

If not, reply back and I will keep helping.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I have put Firefox icon in the trash before I downloaded an updated one. It will not replace the old one
Expert:  Mike replied 9 years ago.

Is the icon still in your Dock? Is FireFox still open?

Look in your Applications folder and see if there is a FireFox icon still in there. If so, drag it to trash (quit first).

Then go to your downloaded FireFox and drag the icon to your Applications icon in Sidebar.

This should fix the problem. If not, we may have to Force-Quit Firefox to get it to go away.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
th icon is not in dock. in the application folder fireox is grey
Expert:  Mike replied 9 years ago.
OK. But a process may still be running.

Try to right-click (using 3 button mouse) or control-click (using trackpad or single button mouse) the greyed icon of FireFox.

If you get a menu choose 'Move to Trash' and see if it moves the icon to the trash can.

Let me know,
Expert:  Mike replied 9 years ago.
Did this help any? Is the icon still grey?


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