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I have a message in my draft section of mail and ...

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I have a message in my draft section of mail and can''t delete. How can I delete this also my computer is shutting down with low battery without warning but the battery isn''t lasting long
Hi My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try to help you with this.

You have 2 questions here, so let's start with the battery.

Have you calibrated it recently or ever? let me know.

With the mail question, what Mail program is it? What version of the OS are you running?

Get back to me and I will work on this.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No I have never calibrated the battery and I am not sure what that is
The version I am running OS10.5.4 Leopard.The Mail is what comes on the computer Mail 3.3
Ok. Battery first.

Apple recommends calibrating the battery from time to time to keep it in sync with the Mac logic board.

To calibrate it, just let the Mac run on battery until it runs down and tells you it will shut down. Then let it shut down.

After it completes shutdown then restart and fully charge the battery before unplugging it from power source. This is important, so do it overnight so you can keep it plugged in. If the battery still runs down quickly then it should be replaced. If under warranty, have a genius at Apple Store verify it and maybe they will give for free.

The drafts are stored in the Drafts mailbox in the list on the left side. Clicking once on the Mailbox will show any draft emails in the window on the right side. Click once on the email in that list and click on Delete button at top or right-click on the email and choose delete.

The Mailbox will stay in the list on the left side even though there may not be anything in it.

Hope this helps,

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi Mike,
   I have deleted the Draft before, but it doesn't delete. When I hit delete the line goes dim and the delete button changes to undelete and stays there if I go to another section then the draft goes back to the original it acts as thought it is stuck. When I was composing this draft it had a movie attachment to it and I was working off my battery when it completely shutdown without warning. When I connected the power source and restarted it was in this state and has been ever since.
Ok. Can you rebuild the mailbox:

Click on your mailbox on the left side list and then go to Mailbox menu and choose 'Rebuild'

Let it work for a while and then see if it releases or deletes the file.

Battery... Sounds like you need a new one.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks the rebuild worked!! I'll check on a new battery!
Great to hear that.