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Can any of you Mac enthusiasts help My son has a Mac ...

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Can any of you Mac enthusiasts help? My son has a Mac Book and he has installed Windows XP on it. He set up Boot Camp to partition the drive a couple of weeks ago, but failed to burn a Macintosh Drivers CD. Today he got a copy of Windows XP and continued with the installation of Windows XP. He now realises that without the Boot Camp CD the MacBook will only open Windows on start-up and give no choice to load the Mac OS Leopard. When Windows has loaded it states "new hardware found" ie. the Mac, but we are unable to tell the PC that it is really a Mac! Hope this makes sense!
Hi. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'll try to help.

I need to know if you are able to boot into Mac OS X at all. If not, we need to try something to help with that.

2nd, do you have to BC drivers for windows at all? Do you have the original install disc for OS X?

Let me know and let's get this fixed up.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hello Mike
We can't start in Mac at all.
We have the Windows XP installation disc and have the Mac OS installation disc but not here, access to them next week, am away from home at the moment.
We do not know what BC drivers for Windows are!
Opps, sorry my bad. BC = Boot Camp.

To boot into Mac Os X or any operating system installed, after you turn on the Mac or restart it, when you hear the chime immediately hold down the option key. This will bring up the Startup Manager screen and after a few seconds to minutes, it will allow you to choose a boot disc.

Click on the Macintosh HD or the name of your Mac Hard Drive and click continue or the right arrow. You will now boot into Mac Os X.

To install your Boot Camp drivers, startup the same way but this time choose the Windows drive. After Windows finishes booting insert your Mac OS Install disc. Your boot Camp drivers are on the disc. It should autostart the install process. If not, open your D drive, which should be the media drive, and look for Install or BC install. Open this and follow the prompts. Afterwards, let Software Update in Windows get any updates for your installation.

Hope this helps,


If my answer helps, please choose accept. Thanks!
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thanks Mike
Will be able to do this when back in Bristol in 5 days time. Have managed to get into Mac by booting up with option key pressed.
Perhaps I could get back to you later when I have my installation disc?
That's fine. I'll await your reply if all goes well.

Let me know!!

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hi Mike
Will click accept so you get paid for your help, but may value further advice next week!
Simon and Peter
Thank you.

I or another expert will be here to pick it up and get your son finished up.