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Experience:  I have used Macs all my life (20+ years) and currently develop OS X applications.
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I have a G4 Dual optical 1.25, using OS 9.2 (I have ...

Resolved Question:

I have a G4 Dual optical 1.25, using OS 9.2 (I have ''ludite'' tendencies!) I recently fitted 2x 512 extra memory, carefully cleaned the inside. Now when I start her up, I only get as far as opening a file, sometimes as far as going to print or saving, then she freezes on me (as always on these occassions the handbook has decided to go on holiday!) not linked to the internet, purely print and onto discs, I run Illustrator 9, Phootoshop 7 and Quark Xpress 4. It does appear that the longer the machine is off I seem to get a longer run of use (albeit short!) before she freezes. Having fitted extra memory on macs before I was extra carefull regarding static, touching nothing else etc, and on checking the ''info'' the extra memory appears in the window, the only alteration I have had to make was the minimum/required memory for illustrator needed re entering
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  RoeIncarnate replied 9 years ago.
This sounds a lot like defective memory. Especially the comment about when it is cold it seems to run longer.

I would suggest you take out one of the memory chips and run on that one, if it works, then try the other. If the second one causes problems, then you need to return it as defective (it happens).

If the first one causes problems, still try the second one. If only the first one causes problems, then it is defective and return it.

If they both cause problems, try putting your original memory back in.

If the original memory has problems then either you damaged the computer somehow, or the software is corrupt.
Try a fresh install of the OS to determine if it is the software or hardware.

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