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I need to send photos as an attachment in my email. I have ...

Customer Question

I need to send photos as an attachment in my email. I have done it
befroe and no problems. Now all of a sudden when I try to send a
photo in an attachment it comes back saiying that it is spam or the
address is wrong. I can send a word file as an attachment to the same
people and it goes through just fine and regular email goes find too.
So why all of a sudden can''t I send a photo in an attachment???
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  TRiLaKiNi replied 9 years ago.
Hello David,

There could be a few different reasons for this problem. But first a few questions would need to be answered. Are you sending this file to another Gmail or Hotmail account or to a business account? Many companies block certain types and sized files that could cause your e-mail to look like spam. Also check your subject to make sure it's something relevant. Another reason could be the size of your pictures. If they are large sized .BMP files many e-mail systems will reject the file, just based on the size. Make sure you are sending a .JPG or .JPEG file.
Alternatively, rather then sending the files directly, you can add them to a compressed .ZIP file and then send that file. To do that, select the pictures you would like to send and then right click and select send to, then compressed (zipped) folder. Then follow the wizard to create the file.
To answer why all of the sudden, many times i have seen changes made to an e-mail system without the users being notified. It could be that the owners are trying to cut back on spam and are now blocking something that your e-mail contains.
I hope this answers your question.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Jeff's Post: Hi Jeff,

After failing to send 6 small pictures and text to a friend, I tried sending one small picture with no text to my other e-mail account. The same thing happened. When I selected attachment, the window with "choose" poped up, when I tried to choose the new file with one picture sent to another one of my e-mail accounts the name of the doc was in gray and would not load. None of what you answered applied to my situation.

Hope you can help,
Expert:  TRiLaKiNi replied 9 years ago.
Ok David,

This seems like an odd problem to me. I'm going to go step by step on a simple e-mail attachment process to see where it's failing within your e-mail. I'll include steps for both Hotmail and Gmail and assume you are sending to the other account. Sorry for the rhetoric in this, but sometimes its necessary.

In Gmail.
Click Compose Mail.
Enter your hotmail address in the To: field.
Enter Test in the Subject Field, and the Body.
Select Attach a File and then click Browse. Select the picture you wish to send. Select open.
Press Send.
Check your hotmail. Open the e-mail you just sent. The picture should be listed in the e-mail, clicking on it, should open a dialog to either save or open the picture.

In Hotmail.
Click New.
Enter your Gmail address in the To: field.
Enter Test in the Subject Field and the Body.
Select Attach Files, click Browse. Select the picture you wish to send. Select open. Select Attach.
Press send.
Again Check your Gmail for the same.

Again sorry for the rhetoric, but I'm trying to find out at what step the picture is failing to show.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Again, in neither Gnail nor hotmail, when I select "Browse"

(in the last post instead of Browse I used the word "choose"--they are synonyms)

After selecting "Browse" I could NOT select the document in question for it was typed in gray letters not black letters and would not let me select it.

Expert:  TRiLaKiNi replied 9 years ago.

What operating system are you using? Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X?
It sounds like a file permission setting, but I'm having trouble replicating the issue on my computer.
Let me know.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Jeff's Post: I have a new MacBook air. I believe that is Mac OS X.
I also have word for Macs on it as well.

Expert:  TRiLaKiNi replied 9 years ago.
That would Explain it. I assumed you had a Windows computer. I've found this thread that would seem to be related to your problem. Check it out and let me know if it helps.

Or this thread with a very similar problem.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hi Jeff,

I am sorry but that thread was not even close to my issue.
It seems that after repeated tries, you still are not addressing my specific problem that I have each time I write to you.

Again, in both word or pages--in my Macbook Air--after I select attach and the window opens with the word "Browse" displayed. I then click on "Browse" and the menu of all the docs in the folder are displayed.

All are written in black ink except those with pictures and they are written in gray ink and will not let me select them.

This is the same question I have asked each time w/o varring.
With all due respect to you, can you refer me to some one who can answer my question please?

Thanks for trying,
Expert:  TRiLaKiNi replied 9 years ago.
Very Well David, Sorry i couldn't help. maybe one of our other Mac Experts can help you out with this.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I need some one to help me please.
Expert:  Claws224 replied 9 years ago.


Do you log into gmail and hotmail or do you have them setup through macmail or entourage?

Which internet browser do you use, Safari, Firefox?

Let us know