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I have a 2003 G5 2.0gb with a 260 gig serial ATA hard drive ...

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I have a 2003 G5 2.0gb with a 260 gig serial ATA hard drive in it. Running OSX10.5.3. I would like to add a 2nd internal hard drive. My question is, which one would you recommend (I was thinking 500 gig), and do I need to buy additional software and additional hardware with it to install it? any help would be appreciated. I have a Maxtor One-touch 4 attached to this computer and the maxtor external constantly keeps taking a crap on me and I''m sick of it. Please advise. Thank You.
I would recommend a seagate drive. Any size you can afford, the 500GB and 750GB models are a good price point right now.

You shouldn't need any additional software and as long as you still have a spare hard drive bay in the computer, you won't need an additional hardware.

Just plug in the drive and start the computer. Then use Disk Utility to format it how you want it.

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