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i have checked the history on safari for my sons user ...

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i have checked the history on safari for my son's user account-and found a whole bunch of alarming sex sites that have been accessed on several dates- he swears up and down it wasnt him but tho i can see the actual sites that were accessed i cant (for verification/investigation purposes) find the times these sites were accessed. a friend said right click on the url and look at properties, but i think he was talking about pc's....and that didnt work anyway. I need to find the time of the each of these sites was accessed. I cant find it on the safari preferences--is this possible? it must be and i need to know!


If you were using Firefox you could use something like Enhanced history manager to see what has been going on however from within Safari you already have access to about all you can see.

Your best option of you have concerns would be to use something like Spectorsoft as it is a stealth program that remains hidden on the machine but will allow you full access to everything that is done on the machine.

THis software will show you when and where your son went how long he was there and also allow you to print screen shots and access full listings of Instant Messages, Emails, Web Browsing etc.

Let us know if you need more info.


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thank you so much for that answer! i will do that straight away. i discovered on my own that it wasnt him that it was malicious linking sites.!! what made me suspicious was that in the history it had: google search and then "**** games" i thought it a google search is done by hand, how can that come up like that? but the sites were just so beyond even my comprehension that i couldnt see him doing it and also his story is backed up--and thru the history i saw that there were other dates these same sites, plus the google search came up when we werent even home! so my other question is: how is this possible?? (also do you know if there is a stealth type program for pc's) thank you so much! will pay after this answer!! :)


The spector software will work for PC and Mac machines.

Now as to the malicious software, It is possible for a Mac just like a PC to become infected by spyware and malware.

Your best course of action is to periodically check your machine for viri and spyware by using a service like Little Snitch:

Are you getting a lot of pop ups or any consistent

repetative messages?

Let me know


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
i dont know about the pop ups i cant recall which means probably not then! the malicious linking only happens with my son, who is going to very innocent children's sites and also googling 'free football games'-so horrid malicious pervs (i guess) are lying in wait for children and pouncing out of the bushes to accost them with nasty images...the only constant s were on the history which said 'google search, free f*** games' many times over....

can you tell me how that is possible to not only have very hardcore sex sites up in the history but also the google searches?? (it is just so mean to do that, get children in trouble by their parents!! make it look like they did the searches!!) (my friend thinks its not possible and that he either did it or i have someone sneaking in to do it, which is even more unlikely!)



I have never personally come across an erroneous Google search, The only way that I know of to search anything on goggle is to type it into the search box yourself.

Let me ask you if you or anyone else other than your son uses the machine?

If so does anyone else get popups or strange searches opening up on them?

I am sorry to say but it looks like you may have to keep an eye on the history and surfing habits until you can find the root cause.

LEt me know if you need more info.


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
sometimes his brother uses it, the same links plus google searches came up a few months ago, they were bother here, but i was here so knew they hadnt done it....i have done a strict parental control plus got rid of all the cookies and gonna get the programs you listed above. My boy none too happy! i will keep an eye on it...i will accept now!! thank you so much! pls could you ask around your techno buddies to discover if this google search is possible without physically typing in yourself? couldnt they conceivably make a copy of the page, screen page copy or something? or have a bunch of pages linking to one another by one click? or something? anyway, thanks again for your help much obliged!
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
ps i paid a £10 bonus which isnt being shown let me know if you get it... :)