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I powered up my external Iomega 750 hardrive and switched ...

Customer Question

I powered up my external Iomega 750 hardrive and switched on my Macbook and I had a conflict between them two - my Macbook wouldn''t boot up.I switched off the hardrive to see if it boots (it didn''t) but I thought I smelled smth out of my macbook.Can''t pinpoint to that and I''m not sure if it actually came from the macbook.Could it have been thermal paste?Is leaving some static resident in my macbook after hardrive switch-off safe?Or am I just completely wrong? (I had some conflicts afterwards and never did I smell anything)
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Claws224 replied 9 years ago.


Does your macbook boot correctly now?

How does your Iomega drive connect, Via Firewire or USB?

Let us know


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Macboook boots correctly, unless I power up the hardrive (connected via usb) first.If I do so, every other time it boots correctly, every so often it doesn't.I ran extensive hardware test from OSX disc - it showed that my macbook is ok.Also, a guy from Apple Store hinted a faulty hardrive.The thing is when the symptoms started, it's been after a re-install of system components going from 10.4.11 down to 10.4.9 with the archiving of my data option set (I had to do that cos I deleted some files for address book trying to make some space on hd and some applications like Safari wouldn't start).Spinning off from there I installed 10.4.11 update over 10.4.9, and what disturbed me, I had an uncommanded powerdown during first reboot after updating.I don't know how this relates to 1.1 EFI update,maybe it's just that 10.4.9 doesn't fully recognize the update and it just "clicked" with 10.4.11 resulting in powerdown.A concierge guy from Apple Store told me,what I'm experiencing is not down to the update,all in all the hardrive uses the very same generic drivers it's rather that the hardrive is faulty.Anyways, I traded the drive so it's bygones now.My only concern is - if I decide to connect any other peripheral via usb to my macbook,be it a n external superdrive or another hardrive, and should I have any conflict between them two on a boot-up, shall I worry about frying up any logic board?Do you switch off macbook first in that case,then a peripheral,or is as the manual to the hardrive suggested -the other way round?Could I have experienced any overheating or is it not likely?

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