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Required Journal Entry 7: Description and Narration

Customer Question

Required Journal Entry 7:
Description and Narration Prewriting Choose a photograph that depicts an important event in your life.
1. In your journal, make a list of everything you see in the photo. Work from left to right and from the background to the foreground.
2. List two specific, concrete details for each sense that describes your experience of the event as follows:
• Sight
• Sound
• Smell
• Taste
• Touch
Write one fresh, creative comparison (one simile or metaphor) for one of your details . Narrate: Sketch out the narrative details of your picture.
1. Scene—Where did the event take place?
2. Key actions—What events led up to the one depicted? Did anything significant happen afterward?
3. Key participants—Who is depicted in your photo?
4. Key lines of dialogue—What was being said at the time? By whom?
5. Feelings—What were you feeling at the time the photo was taken?
Required Journal Entry 8: Description and Narration
Write: Using the details you collected in Journal Entry 7, write the story to accompany the photo. Be sure that your story has a clear beginning, middle, and end, and that you use your dialogue and descriptive elements effectively to convey your feelings to your reader. (3 paragraphs, 6 sentences)
Does your photo tell an audience everything they would need to know about this event? What does your story provide that your picture can’t? Is the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” true? (Length open)
Required Journal Entry 9: Comparison and Contrast
Brainstorm: Make a list of all the things you write each day such as texts, status updates, tweets, emails, reports, essays, and so on. Include all the people you write to or for such as friends, family, supervisors, instructors, clients, and so on.
Organize: Rearrange the items into two groups that represent formal writing and informal writing and the audiences who receive each.
Write: Compare and contrast the style of writing you use when you write to friends and family with the style you use when you write to your coworkers, supervisors, or instructors. How does your interaction with your audience change? Describe the differences in your tone and your spelling, grammar, and punctuation. (2 paragraphs, 6 sentences)
Required Journal Entry 11: Cause and Effect
Brainstorm: List the causes that made you decide to return to school or list the causes that prompted you to choose online education. Next, add the short term effects your decision has had on your life in the present. Finally, include the long-term effects you hope your decision will have on your future.
Organize: Review the graphic organizers from pages 481–482 in your Successful College Writing textbook. Choose the organizer that you think would best present the information you brainstormed to an audience of your fellow Penn Foster classmates and arrange your content using that format. Remember to include a thesis statement in your graphic organizer. (Length open)
Required Journal Entry 12: Evaluation
Review the patterns of development that you’ve learned and used in your essays and journal entries in this unit. Explain how each of these patterns of development or organizational methods will be useful to you in your upcoming courses and your future career. (Length open)
Required Journal Entry 13: Evaluating Your Sources
Describe when it’s appropriate to use sources in an essay. Why is it important to differentiate between facts, opinions, and bias when choosing sources for your research? (2 paragraphs, 6-8 sentences each)
Required Journal Entry 14: Organizing Your Information
Review page 606–611 in Successful College Writing. Describe at least two ways to organize your information effectively. Choose the method that would work best for you and explain why. (2 paragraphs, 6 sentences each)
Reflect: Take a look back to your response to Journal Entry 10. Briefly describe what counts as plagiarism. When is it appropriate to cite information? What information doesn’t need to be cited? (1 paragraph, 6–8 sentences)
Required Journal Entry 15: Using Your Sources Responsibly
Review the definitions of direct quotation, paraphrase, and summary in Chapters 22 and 23 in Successful College Writing and in Chapter 39 in The Little, Brown Essential Handbook. In your own words, define these terms. Then, explain the most effective use of each of these three types of sources. (2 paragraphs, 6–8 sentences each)
Required Journal Entry 16: Planning Your Argument
Study the argument essay topics on page 167–168 in your digital study guide and choose your topic for your argument. This journal entry will help you begin to plan, research, and organize your paper. Please note that both topics are very broad, so you should narrow your chosen topic appropriately to suit your purpose and interest as well as the research and length requirements.
Review “The Basic Parts of an Argument” on pages 514–520 in Successful College Writing. Once you’ve chosen your topic and identified your issue (516), you need to develop support. According to your text, the three common types of support for an argument are “reasons, evidence, and emotional appeals” (517).
I. State your claim:
A. Identify the type of claim (fact, value or policy).
B. Explain your purpose or goal for your research paper.
II. Identify your reasons:
A. Reason 1
B. Reason 2
C. Reason 3
III. Start your research to develop support for your claim (provide at least two examples of each):
A. Support your reasons with evidence
1. Facts*
2. Statistics*
3. Expert opinions*
4. Examples*
5. Personal Experiences
B. Identify your emotional appeals:
1. Appeal to needs
2. Appeal to values
* Cite your sources using MLA citation and documentation format (i.e., parenthetical citations and a list of works cited
Required Journal Entry 17: Recognizing Your Opposition
Identify and define the three ways you can recognize opposing views in your argument. In your own words, explain why it’s valuable to include the opposition in your essay. (1 paragraph, 6 sentences)
Reflect: Read Lisa Hamilton’s “Eating Meat for the Environment” and review the graphic organizers on pages 554 and 556–557. In your opinion, does acknowledging Dr. Pachauri’s opposing viewpoint strengthen or weaken Hamilton’s argument?
Required Journal Entry 18: Course Reflection
Reflect: Review your journal, starting with your first entry and the learning inventory. Reflect on how knowing who you are as a learner has helped you with the course activities. Consider your progress as a writer through each journal entry and essay. How has your writing changed since you started the course? Identify the improvements you’ve made and the skills you still need to practice. (3 paragraphs, 6 sentences each)
Evaluate: What goals did you set for yourself at the beginning of this course? Did you accomplish everything you had hoped? Explain what you would have done differently, and describe the approach to writing you’ll use in your future assignments. (2 paragraphs, 6 sentences each)
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