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Write an essay to answer the following question: ‘Democracy

Customer Question

Write an essay to answer the following question: ‘Democracy is when the people rule the country.’ Critically assess whether this statement constitutes an adequate description of modern democracy. Provide evidence with reference to the politics of Hong
Kong. How should you interpret this question? This question is based on Politics Units 3, 5 and 6. It tests your understanding of the various versions of democracy, and expects you to contrast the direct democracy in ancient city-states with the representative
democracy of modern times. You are required to state clearly your view regarding this statement on democracy. Pay attention to the values and institutional settings in representative democracy, such as legitimacy, accountability, civil rights protection, electoral
mechanisms and policy-making procedures. Then, you need to explain to what extent Hong Kong fits the criteria stated, and judge in what ways the polity of Hong Kong can be considered democratic and representative. Please place your discussion in an analytical
framework, rather than presenting it in a purely descriptive manner. You are encouraged to go beyond the course materials in answering this question. References Held, D (2006) Models of Democracy, 3rd edn, Stanford: Stanford University Press. Lam, W M, Lui,
P. and Wong, W (2012) Contemporary Hong Kong Politics: Governance in the Post-1997 Era, 2nd edn, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Long Paper (3+ pages)
Expert:  Mr. Gregory White replied 1 year ago.

Hello, my name is Greg.

Is there any other information you can send to see if I can assist on it this for you? If you have any documents you can upload, you can do so to or and share the link here with us.

If I had a model and could provide that as a model (would have to check files to see if I have one), would that be sufficient or are you seeking a fully written new model document?

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