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Category: Long Paper (3+ pages)
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The purpose of this assignment is to write a research paper

Customer Question

The purpose of this assignment is to write a research paper examining a contemporary issue related to health and aging.
Topic; Relationship between physical functioning and cognition in older adults.
Use a word processor (preferably MS Word) to create your paper. The paper should be 6 -8 pages in length, double-spaced with 12 point font, not including tables or the reference list.
The paper should include a title page, an introduction, a thesis statement, a body, a conclusion and a reference list.
Your paper should use correct grammar, effective topic sentences and transitions, an organized and clear flow, limited use of quotations, and synthesis of information using your own words. It should incorporate references.
Citation and Reference Style
Your paper should be written in APA style (6th edition, 2009). For more details on APA formatting and online database citations, see
DUE: June 5th
Step 5: Write a 6-8 page paper excluding including the following:
Title page: Provide the title of the paper, your name, and the course and section
Introduction: Grab attention, relate importance to health and aging, and present a focused thesis statement
Body: Identify and develop each main point in an organized, clear manner, using in-text citations. Discuss possible solutions to the issue.
Conclusion: Wrap up your paper with a brief summary of your main points.
Reference list.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Long Paper (3+ pages)
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
An outline is to be included also.
Expert:  Mr. Gregory White replied 2 years ago.
Hello, my name is Greg.
Is there any other information you can send to see if I can assist on it this for you? If you have any documents you can upload, you can do so to or and share the link here with us.
If I had a model and could provide that as a model (would have to check files to see if I have one), would that be sufficient or are you seeking a fully written new model document?

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