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Skyvisions, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Lexus
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My daughter's 2002 Lexus GS300 won't start suddenly. The

Customer Question

My daughter's 2002 Lexus GS300 won't start suddenly. The keyfob works to unlock the door but the security light blinks when the key is in the ignition. It is definitely not getting fuel as if I spray starting fluid into the throttle body I get ignition. Could this be the EFI relay? Is there a way to reset the imobilizer?
Submitted: 12 months ago.
Category: Lexus
Expert:  Skyvisions replied 12 months ago.

Just to clarify you're saying that when you turn the key to the start position of the red security like continues to flash? The engine cranks over but it will not fire up? Is there a flash pattern to the security light? In other words couple flashes a pause then 1 flash? Do you have any other keys to try? Do you have a code reader to see if there any malfunction codes set in the computer?

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
Not sure when at start position will check. Definately when the key is in and turned to accessory. I did not notice a flash pattern but will check to see. I do have a code reader and will see what if any codes are present. The car is not local so it will take some time to get these answers. I do not have other keys unfortunately.Positive it is getting no fuel though. Is there anything else I can check while there?
Expert:  Skyvisions replied 12 months ago.

I'm not sure whether you said you had an extra key or not it looks like you said unfortunately but then you didn't answer. Here's the bot***** *****ne. The security light flashes because it doesn't recognize the chip in the key. This uses an immobilizer system. When you insert the key into the ignition lock cylinder the security light must go out. If it doesn't it means that the key was not recognized and it will shut down the injectors and the spark to the engine. It will still crank over it just won't fire up. This normally will set a code in the engine computer indicating a problem with the immobilizer system. If your code reader does make that determination and spits out that code number post it back here I'll check into it further otherwise it looks like the immobilizer chip has failed. Let me know what you find when you get there to the car. Just simply post back here as you have been.

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
Please cancel this question - I am bringing to a mechanic.
Expert:  Skyvisions replied 12 months ago.

I can't cancel the question. I have given you the information as to why the vehicle is not starting if it is beyond your abilities to repair I understand but I spent the time to tell you what's going on with the vehicle I would appreciate being paid for my time and information. I am still available once you visit the mechanic to give you a second opinion on what's going on also..

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
You did not tell me why it was not starting but had you it would well be within my ability to repair. Therefore i will not pay for the question I assure you.
Expert:  Skyvisions replied 12 months ago.

With all due respect did you not see my last reply previously explained to you about the immobilizer system and why the immobilizer light flashes when you insert the key? The reason why your vehicle is not starting is because the immobilizer chip is not being recognized 90% of the time this means the key is bad. The system is very complex and requires a special scan tool to access the information to either reprogram a key or test to see if your key is communicating with the transponder ECU. I fail to see how that is not telling you what's wrong with your vehicle. I'll make you a deal you find out from the shop and if they concur what I'm telling you then my information is accurate and correct without further diagnosis from you. That you had a code reader and would check for codes in the computer. My guess is you find a 2000 series code which indicates a problem with the immobilizer system. I.e. possibly a bad key did you not check it for codes?

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
Well the mechanic that replaced the EFI fuse would disagree.
I said in my first post if I sprayed starting fluid I got ignition. You said in the post after it would cutoff fuel and spark if it were the immobilizer.So again please cancel the question as you were wrong and did not answer my question.
Expert:  Skyvisions replied 12 months ago.

As I told you I cannot cancel the request you need to contact the moderators.

Expert:  Skyvisions replied 12 months ago.

You have not been charged for anything the only thing you have done this made a deposit to your just answer account. You don't need to cancel the account you can save it for later use if you would like but you still would have to contact the moderator/customer service if you want your deposit back you have not paid me for anything. Have a nice day. No need to reply to me any further.