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Skyvisions, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Lexus
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I have a 1999 Lexus LS400 and the sunroof is stuck open on

Customer Question

Hello I have a 1999 Lexus LS400 and the sunroof is stuck open on the tilt. Is there a way to close the sunroof manually as I have tried disconnecting the battery for 10 min and pushing the tilt button up on it. It make a clicking noise when I push the tilt button.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Lexus
Expert:  Skyvisions replied 11 months ago.

If it is making a clicking or grinding sound this usually means the drive motor year or cables are stripped. The only way you're going to get this closed is to remove the trim ring around the opening for the headliner and usually you have to remove the upper switch assembly to allow the headliner to drop down far enough to get to the bolts to loosen the drive motor once the bolts are loose from the drive motor you can pull down on the drive motor and will disengage from the cables normally that will give you enough freedom to supply the roof forwarded down into position. If that does not work then you're going to have to remove the sunroof assembly to repair this.