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I just bought a 2014 GS350 F Sport. The car was sold by

Customer Question

I just bought a 2014 GS350 F Sport. The car was sold by Lexus, at auction after the prior person's lease was up. Car was checked out at Lexus dealership, and an oil change performed there as well. Everything checked out, as did Carfax and other checks.
2 days after purchasing, we are driving and the car and the engine begins ticking, squealing and grinding. Stopped driving the car and had it towed to Lexus dealer.
Dealer found metal shavings in oil pan. Lexus corporate and dealer passing the buck currently.
Any known engine issues in these particular models? Read all about past issues (and settled class-action lawsuits) with excessive oil burning, issues with oil distribution, oil sludge and engine failures.
How do I determine what happened here? Again, car history is simple and clean, and we did nothing but drive it 3 times before the engine shredded itself.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Lexus
Expert:  Matt replied 1 year ago.


there's no recall or TSB relating to a known issue with this engine that matches your problem directly

as you say they can burn oil so I'd suspect that the car has been run low on oil at some point and then hurriedly sold on

at least the problem has occurred within 30 days of purchase so you can make a claim within the 'lemon laws' and get a new engine or your money back