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Given that my Lexus (2001, RX300, AW) is about 15 years old

Customer Question

Hi Again,
Given that my Lexus (2001, RX300, AW) is about 15 years old and has about 126K miles. You just gave me advise on what my new transmission should cost to replace. I am planning on going ahead with this work. At this older stage though, what else do you think is plausible to break down in the next few years? What should my expectations be? My son is learning to drive and this will be his car for a while, I hope!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Lexus
Expert:  Ron Z. replied 1 year ago.

The RX300 is actually a fairly solid vehicle. These do tend to last for a long time and I've seen 200,000 miles without a problem. There are a few common problems however. With this many miles, Catalytic Converters are bound to fail (there are 2 on this vehicle) and these can be a it on the costly side. Air/Fuel Ratio sensors (very similar to Oxygen Sensors, just "smarter" to accommodate Lexus emissions specs) are also fairly common wear-and-tear fail items. Not too bad on the cost though, roughly $125 each (again, 2 on this vehicle) and about an hour to replace either. The "major" concern with this vehicle is the Timing Belt. This needs to be replaced at intervals of every 90,000 miles. This is extremely important. If this belt is to break while the vehicle is "under load" (going uphill, highway speeds, etc) this can cause major internal engine damage. The belt sells for around $61 and the Labor Time Guide calls for 4 hours to complete the job. If the timing belt is properly maintained and the oil replaced regularly, minimal other "major" items and 200,000 shouldn't be a problem.