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Jason, ASE Certified Technician
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1999 RX300: first two are fuel air metering, manufacturer control

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1999 RX300. codes are P1135, P1133, P1354, and P0125. the first two are fuel air metering, manufacturer control, well what am I looking at here? I have had some Lexi that aren't what the codes said. Ciao Jack

Jason :

The 3 codes 1133.1135.125 You need to replace bank 1 (firewall side) air/fuel ratio sensor (oxygen sensor)

Jason :

The p1354 is a vvti malfunction. thats a bit more complicated... I would repair the a/f sensor, and clear the codes, and drive it

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
you'd be talking bank 1 sensor 1, upstream--right? Thanks jack

Yes, On the manifold.



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hey Jason, I put in the #1 #1 sensor and killed the check light. test drive went pretty well until about 6 mi. in when I pulled up to a light and noticed a rough idle. within 30 secs the check light was on. now reads that P1354 plus P 0300 random miss and p0302, 304, 306 all the cyls on bank 2 misfire. I forgot, there was also a p0125 earlier sounds like a bad thermostat. what's next? Ciao

You have a problem with the bank 2 vvti system. Thats why its running crappy. Possibilities are Timing is off (unlikely since it took so long to malfunction)

vvt-i actuator or the oil control valve (turns on actuator) . It needs to be active tested to diagnose further...


Also, motor may be sludged, causing the vvt-i to fail.