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1999 Lexus LX470: my car the ignition towed

Resolved Question:

I have a 1999 Lexus LX470. Upon trying to start my car the ignition key would just turn without resistance. Had the car towed to a shop. Nearest Lexus dealer is 200+ miles away. The shop replaced the ignition lock cylinder housing part # XXXXX Now all seems OK except when engaging the starter with my key the engine cranks over but dose not start. The security light continues to flash. The shop says I need to have my car towed to the Lexus dealer, $660, buy a new ECU $867, new master key (because I only have a non master key) $167 and have the security system re-programed. Labor $$ unknown. Could this be correct?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Lexus
Expert:  LexusPro replied 6 years ago.

LexusPro : Hello and Welcome to JustAnswer. I am reviewing your question and will be back with you in just a second.
LexusPro : What keys do you have?

OK thanks


are you there?

LexusPro : Which keys do you have? Master key shells that come with the new ignition cylinder? Do you have the flat key and key card that comes with the car?

I bought the car used and only received 1 key. Is is not the master key. The shop indicated they did not get a master key with the cylinder housing part # XXXXX

LexusPro : If they got the ignition cylinder from the dealer it should have come with two master key shells. You will then need the transmitter for the shell. Some locksmiths can reflash your ecm with the new transmitters. You can also call 1-800-25-LEXUS and tell them that you have lost your keys. They will require you to purchase two master keys and will provide you with a new ecm free of charge.

Is the ignition cylinder the same as the ignition lock cylinder housing (as my invoice from the shop says) part # XXXXX? The shop says it is a Lexus part but did not come with master key shells. If I can get new keys and an ecm from Lexus dose this need to be installed by a Lexus dealer, which is 200 miles away and a $650 tow if I can't get my car started. I talked to a Lexus dealer and he said replacing the cylinder housing should not have messed up the security programming. Any chance the shop missed a step during the cylinder housing install that is triggering the security system. The shop said did not imobilize the security during the replacement of the housing. I read that if the tone ring was not put back on properly, like maybe upside down the security system would not allow the car to start?


Gotta step out for about 1/2 hour. I'll leave this page open and check back for your reply to my question.

LexusPro : Ok. They replaced the housing not the cylinder. The key you have should still start the car. If they did not install the immobliser ring properly it will not start. There is also multiple plugs on the housing. If any of them are not plugged in it will also keep it from starting. I would have them recheck their work. The security light not going out with the key in the ignition the immobliser is not reconizing the key. Either way it is something they did installing the new housing.

Thanks I am having the shop recheck their work. One more question. If during the install of the housing could the shop have somehow triggered the immobliser so that even if the ring was on wrong and the plugs not connected properly I would have to re-key and get a new ecm anyway? This shop, not a lexus shop unfortunately, is saying they are pretty sure that have done the housing install properly, that's why they are telling me to get a tow (they also will tow me to the Boise, ID dealer for $650) and have a new ecm installed. So, I my question is- If during the install of the housing could the shop have somehow triggered the immobliser so that even if the ring was on wrong and the plugs not connected properly I would have to re-key and get a new ecm anyway? Thanks, Steve

LexusPro : When the housing is installed correctly it will unset the immoblizer. It happens automatically when a registered key is inserted in the ignition.

Do you mean when the housing is installed incorrectly it will unset the immoblizer? Dose unset the immoblizer mean the car won't start and I need a new ecm? or just that the car won't start untill the installed housing is done correctly?

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