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LexusPro, ASE Master Certified
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Experience:  Lexus Master Certified, 11 yrs w/ Lexus Dealership, Elite of Lexus 2000-2011, 17yrs Auto Industry
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2001 lexus: sedan..amp fuse..the engine compartment fuse box it

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i have a 2001 lexus ls 430 sedan i need instruction on how to remove/replace charging system 140 amp fuse #62 in the engine compartment fuse box it is tightly secured in place please advise thanks



You want to replace the fuse..correct?


What have you tried so far?


I take it that this fuse is blown?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
the problem is removing this particular fuse cannot be pulled out is 140 amp fuse that controls alternator, etc lexus says there is some type rod under the fuse box that must be removed do you have knowlege of lexus fuse box make up? if not please refer me to another person thanks
Hello and welcome to JustAnswer! The 140A fuse that you are trying to remove is bolted in by two small bolts inside the fuse block. You will have to dissemble the fuse block to replace it. First you will have to unbolt the fuse block from the body of the car. There are several clips that hold the block together that you will have to release to seperate the top and bottom half of the fuse block to gain access to the bolts that hold the fuse in. If you have any more questions feel free to ask. I am here to help you and give you the answer to help you with your problem.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

we took the cover off, then the bolts but the fuse box is still connected to a cable/hose. we were able to raise the box about 45 degrees but not able to dislodge it due to the hose connection. we can see where two smaller screws/bolts are located under the box - but we do not see clips...could you possibly provide a picture of the clips so we can confirm that we are looking in the correct spot?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
can you tell me how to operate the clips to open the box
Take the battery out of the car to give yourself a little more room. I think a cable bolts to the block that you can unbolt to give you a little more room. The block separates top and bottom to give you straight on access to the bolts where you can use a socket to remove the bolts from fuse block assembly. There are clips on the top half(looking straight down) and the bottom to seperate them from each other. The fuse bolts in with a 8mm bolt on one side and a 10mm bolt on the other side.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
we have everything done but cant separate the two parts of the housing because we cant separate those 4 clips without probably breaking them with force whats the method to open them ?tool thanks
I use a small flat blade screwdriver and a small 90 degree hook/pick to release them.
LexusPro, ASE Master Certified
Category: Lexus
Satisfied Customers: 1303
Experience: Lexus Master Certified, 11 yrs w/ Lexus Dealership, Elite of Lexus 2000-2011, 17yrs Auto Industry
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