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We have a 2007 Lexus RX 350. The VCS, Track off, and check

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We have a 2007 Lexus RX 350. The VCS, Track off, and check engine light have come on. What is going on with this. Can you tell me how to fix this problem. We just bought this a week ago today. It was a lease vehicle and extremely new. It isn't running well due to these lights that have come on. I am frantic!!!!!

Hello and thank you for using Just Answer


the Check Engine and Trac lights will come on when a fault code is stored


this can be set by a large number of sensors and outputs for the computer


you need to have the code read to determine the cause.


parts stores like Autozone will read your codes for free.


have them read your code right it down and ask them to clear the code to see if it comes right back.


once you get the fault code we can better determine the cause


let me know if you need more help



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
i have a autozone in the town i live in so if i go there to get the codes checked will i have to pay the same amount to you to ask a follow up question about the codes?

what about this vacuum line on the back of the air filter that i have been reading in forums on the rx300 and the rx330 coming loose and causing the problem? could this be the same problem i am having?

a vacuum line coming loose can set a code


you could always check to make sure there are no vacuum hose problems before you go get the code checked


you can go get the code checked and come back and give it to me.


I will help you with the code


when can you get it done?


other parts stores may also do it . I just know autozone for sure so if you have a national chain closer to you give them a call and ask if they read codes or not


once you get the code you can come back and post it here.


you should find links back to your question in your email box



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
i just go back from autozone and their were a total of 9 codes that came up. he printed out a receipt that only gave me one code: P0300 random cylinder misfire detected. i didn't understand why if when he first scanned it showed nine errors but the printout only gave me one. one said something about the coil, there were six codes one for each cylinder misfire, another one i cannot remember and then one where he showed that the last tech working on the car, probably the dealership we bought it from, cleared the very code that is showing up now. Does that make any sence?

Why would any of that have to do with the vsc or trac off?

these multiple misfire codes can be caused by anyone of the ignition coils


it would be very helpfull if you had the full list of codes


I can tell you the most likely cause is one of your coils but I would think one of the codes was for a coil that would point you at the proper coil to change.


the vsc and trac off would come on because of the engine code it is a normal occurance.


it seems the people who sold you the car knew of the troubles and cleared the codes


did they clear the codes at the parts store? the full list would really help me to help you


at this point it sounds like an ignition coil but without the full list of codes I could not speculate which one it is


one bad coil can cause multiple misfire codes as you have



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
the car has 62,000 miles on it and the powertrain warranty is good until 70,000 miles according to the dealer who sold it to us. Will these repairs be covered under the powertrain warranty?

Also, it listed 4 possible causes for the p0300 code and they are:

1. large vacuun leak
2. fuel system concern
3. ignition system concern
4. engine mechanical condition

i called back to the autozone and they told me that the long printout was a listing of what to do on all other makes with that same code and how to diagnose them.

the coils will not be covered under waranty (3) ignition system concern


how does the vehicle run? if it was related to the fuel system it would be barely drivable.


it sounds to me like you have one bad coil causing all these misfire codes


it is not uncommon for the bad coil to cause the computer to set multiple misfire codes.


please get the full list of codes so I can help you further



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
how many coils are there? is there one for each cylinder? it is not running bad but of course it seems to not be running as smooth since the light came on or maybe i am just paranoid. is it safe to drive until we can get it to a shop? the closest dealership is about 90 miles away. my wife is running up to auto zone before they close to let them run it again and print it out or see if they have the original printout they did for me. I really appreciate all the help.

yes it is one per cylinder


one bad coil can cause the computer to set multiple misfire codes.


if the engine is not stumbling noticeably it is safe to drive


if you pop the hood and the engine is shaking or jumping it could cause damage to the catalytic converter because of the unburnt fuel


does the idle remain smooth? do you feel an ordinary shake? at idle or when stepping on the gas? if not it is safe to drive.


let me know when you get the list again


sorry to make you go back but this is important to the diagnosis



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
i don't feel the motor shake and it doesn't really seem to be running rough at idle or when driving but i admit my senses are a little more alert since this happened. I haven't lifted the hood to watch the engine while it is running yet but i will. I did notice the engine RPM's drop down about 100 rpm's and then come back to normal once.

So the dealer could have noticed the codes and instead of fixing the problem just cleared them out. I just don't understand how clearing out the code would make the coil suddenly fix itself and then go bad. I'm assuming that the coils are expensive. I guess that is why i kept going back to the vacuum leak.

she should be back in just a bit

the thing is it's an intermitant problem and the problem probaly occurred when the RPM dropped


if the codes are cleared it will stay out until the problem happens again


this is an indication of an intermitant problem which makes it even more safe to drive



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
here are the codes:

P0306 i think but they didn't send it with my wife saw it earlier

the last code was the code that showed where they had reset the code

does that help?

see this is why I needed the codes


the last one does not indicate a reset it indicated the problem is with the #4 coil as I had mentioned. the parts store guys are good for reading the codes for free but don't know much about the definitions


some techs like to verify this by swapping it with another one of the coils to see if the code changes position.. the p0354 indicates coil on cylinder #4 is causing the problems and also would cause all these codes


I would recommend replacing the #4 coil and having Autozone clear the codes

click here for more information on a #4 coil causing this problem


let me know if you need more help





Customer: replied 6 years ago.
how much do these coils cost? if you don't have the exact amount a estimate will be fine. Is this something i can do myself. i have worked on my past cars before but never with the electrical system. does auto zone need to reset the codes with their equipment or can i just unplug the battery like i saw on some blogs? i had a Volvo before and had a local mechanic who worked on it so he could probably bail me out if i got in over my head.

Or should i just take it to a dealer? If i wanted to do it myself where could i find info on a procedure for this fix? I remember the auto zone tech pulled up a coil on his computer and said he would have to order it but i didn't look at the price.

You have been very helpful

the suggested retail price on the coil is 85 dollars


the labor however is 2.6 hours which would cost 260 at a shop


this requires the removal of the upper intake


click here to view the procedure



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
thank you for staying with us for so long and answering all of our questions. you have told me everything i needed to know. i think this is a little over my head and will take it to a shop. i will take all the info you have given me to use so that no one tries to jerk us around. i feel like i can go in there with confidence that i know a little about what is going on. one last question. Is this a common occurance that we are going to have to be worried about? This car is absolutely amazing and we are a little scared of it now. or was this just a case of it was that parts time to go out? or just bad luck? i had always heard that lexus were really reliable.

i will wait on your reply and then i am going to accept your answer and gladly pay for the advice

Electrical parts can fail at any time it is really hard to predict there life span


ignition coils do go bad on many of the newer vehicles it is not uncommon


I would not let it worry you.. but you just never know when a coil might fail


thank you for using Just Answer


and remember to click accept so I get credit for my answer





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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
thank you so much!!!!! very helpful

No problem


thank you for using Just Answer


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