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lexpert, Lexus Master tech
Category: Lexus
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Experience:  Master Certified with lexus, 8 years experience with Lexus
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Lexus remote key not working after changing the battery.

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2007 Lexus LS460 key quit working so I installed a new battery but it still does not work. When I put the battery in, the red indicator light beside the "lock" button flashes continuously for a minute or so.

Ok, this is for the key fob correct? Does the car still start?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

It's for the second key and no, it will not allow the car to do anything.

Did this happen suddenly or was there any work done to the car?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Out of the blue. One day it worked; the next it didn't. The other key works fine.

OK so it lost its program then. If it does not start the car or operate the doors then it needs to be reprogrammed.

Has this been tried at the dealer yet?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No. The nearest dealer is 130 miles away.

That was for a 2002 Lexus. This year you need to program the key at the dealer or a mobile locksmith.

It does need to go to the dealer or a mobile locksmith can do this for you. It lost its memory.

Yes, all the LS460's have the wireless smart keys and no it is not possible for them to "lose" programming so that is NOT the issue here.

If the red indicator light worked on this key but it still does not function but your other key works then you have a bad key here that will need to be replaced. If you are still under the 50,000-mile mark then this is still a free repair under warranty at the dealer. If not then you will be responsible for the repair cost, this key can ONLY be purchased from a Lexus dealer and yes it has to be programmed with a dealer scan tool however do be aware that the Toyota dealers have the same tools so if you order one in the mail you can have a Toyota dealer program this if you have one closer than the Lexus dealer.

Also, to avoid any repeat trips to be sure to have ALL keys with you when having the new one programmed.

lexpert, Lexus Master tech
Category: Lexus
Satisfied Customers: 9974
Experience: Master Certified with lexus, 8 years experience with Lexus
lexpert and other Lexus Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks, Peter.

Lexus key battery

Many Lexus models now have keys that require batteries. The battery size and type will depend on the year and model. If your Lexus is a 2010 or newer they either take a CR1632 or a CR161 Panasonic battery. If your model is older than 2010, you can check the owner’s manual or enquire at a dealership. When the battery dies in models that have push to start, it can cause issues. Many Lexus models do not have a place for a crank start behind the button, so battery replacement is the only option. Battery replacements can be found at your local auto part store, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Radio Shack or at a Lexus dealership. If you go to a Lexus dealership they will replace the battery free of cost, no matter how old the vehicle is.

Battery replacement

You will need either a small Phillips screwdriver or a paper clip to remove the old battery. It is often recommended to use Lithium batteries because they last longer.

  1. Remove the screw(s) and place them in a safe place. They are small and easy to lose.
  2. Use the paperclip to lift the old battery out.
  3. Line the new battery up and place it inside securely. The aligning of the battery will depend on the fob.
  4. Put on the back of the key.
  5. Use the screwdriver and replace the screw(s).