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how would u correct or reset the colde po715 and p0763 on a

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how would u correct or reset the colde po715 and p0763 on a 1999 lexus gs300
P0763 means shift solenoid C/3 in the transmission is bad and P0715 means the transmission speed sensor is bad.....I'd first look at the connector conditions if this came on at the same time and if wiring is good replace.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

is this a problem that can be repaired externally by checking and possibly replacing the wiring? Are the codes an internal problem with the transmission. It shifts fine when I drive the car. I just want to rectify that check engine light.


If it shifts fine the problem may be intermittent so you can bring the vehicle to your local parts store and have them use a scantool to erase the codes and see if they come back....If they do you will need to have parts tested/replaced and its internal to the transmission but not too big of a job, a few hours.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you very much, Dan. I took it to a service garage and they tried to reset the check engine light, but it did not erase. I am concern that it may be an internal problem. If we can replace a sensor and a wiring connection, I would be delighted. The car seems fine and it runs fine.
If the problem wont erase that means you have a hard fault which usually means there is a short in the wiring......But you will still need to test wiring between solenoid and engine control module.......If wiring and solenoid/speed sensor test out ok then the engine control module is the problem.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thank you very much, Dan. The service garage did not check the wiring between the solenoid and the engine control module. Your help is much appreciated. It just bugs me and I just wanted to figure this thing out. I will ask the service garage to check that out. Again, thank you, Dan.
Make sure whoever does it has the proper diagrams and know how to test the wiring otherwise they will be replacing parts hoping for the best. Let me know if you end up needing questions, you can reply at anytime. Thanks.
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