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I have 2006 Lexus ES330. 1. It has 30,000 mile. The dealer

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I have 2006 Lexus ES330.

1. It has 30,000 mile. The dealer says that it needs replacement of transmission fluid. I asked him that if they are going to use some kind of system, e.g. BG system to flush out all the old transmission fluid. The Lexus technical advisors responded that Lexus does not recommend pressure cleaning or back flushing the transmission system. Lexus recommends only draining the old transmission fluid and replenishing with new transmission fluid. Is this true? If, it is true and that simple can have it done by my trusted mechanic at a more reasonable cost. Also, in addition to new transmission fluid, what other parts I need, e.g. drain plug washer, etc. Please give me a detailed advise and recommendation.

2. For brake replacement, does this car has a divice called brake wear indicator which also needs to be replaced when one replaces the brake pads?

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The official stand or policy on transmission flushes as far as Lexus is concerned under warranty are not generally accepted. I am a little unclear or are you saying that the dealer is recommending only a drain and fill of the transmission fluid or are they trying to sell you the transmission flush as part of the service? Starting in 2004 Lexus uses W/S transmission fluid which they claim never needs to be replaced but I usually recommend between 80 and 90,000 miles to service. As far as electronic wear indicators on the brake pads they do not use these on your vehicle they only use squeal indicators which are tiny little metal clips that clip onto the brake pads themselves.



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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thankyou for your response. I thought my question was very clear. Dealer is only offering drain and fill and he indicated that Lexus does not recommend pressure cleaning or backflushing the transmission system. Also, what do you mean by 80 to 90,000 miles to service? Does this mean only drain and fill or total back flush and fill? Please also let me know about the drain plug washer replacement if drain and fill is performed? Where is drain plug located and what is W/S transmission fluid? Is it the same as Toyota ATF type IV that Lexus dealers sell?


Thank you again.

First of all my apologies because in 06 this was the last year for type T-IV transmission fluid. In 2007 they started using world standard transmission fluid (W/S) which is a special transmission fluid. This type of transmission fluid W/S according to Lexus never needs to be changed but I don't recommend that, what I was saying above about this type of transmission fluid is that you should change it around 80,000 miles to 90,000 miles. Because of my error in entering the wrong year this is not a problem for you because in 2006 it uses type T-IV fluid which is cheaper and should be changed every two years or 30,000 miles. With such low miles you're not going to need to do a flush on this vehicle. If you start pushing 100,000 miles then you can consider doing a flush they are a very good services and BG makes a great product. All of this being said there are two drain pans under the vehicle the drain pan on the driver side has the drain plug for the transmission fluid. You can purchase a new metal O-ring when you get the 4 quarts of transmission fluid that you're going to need. This is a simple drain and fill procedure. Normally what I recommend you do is to drain the oil and let it drip as long as possible then fill the dipstick tube with 3 quarts of oil and start the vehicle and work the shifter through the different gears putting it back into park and checking the transmission fluid level on the dipstick. There is a cold level mark and a hot level mark on the dipstick. When the engine is too full operating temperature you're going to use the higher set of marks for the fluid full point. Let me know if this clears things up for you. Sorry if there was any misunderstanding.



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