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Hello. My 2004 RX330 has the air suspension system and recently

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Hello. My 2004 RX330 has the air suspension system and recently began a constant "bounce" while driving. You can literally see your body bouncing in your seat. It's un-nerving. The handling is also very loose.   The dealer said it was a bad sensor and replaced it, but after do that, it was no better. Dealer says they aren't sure what is wrong.   They suggest replacing the other 3 sensors, but aren't positive that would fix the problem.   They also said they don't think it's the shocks.   They are telling me that they built the car and don't know how to fix it??   Thank you for your help!

Thank you for using just answer and sorry to heat of your issues on the RX.

I can fully understand your frustration here. A side note that I would like to throw in here to help you better understand the situation is that the air suspension on the Rx330 was a very very rare option and only found on select units, I worked at a very high volume dealer that sold an average of 400-500 new cars a month and we only saw about 5 of these ordered in the 2004-2006 model run on the RX so honestly the dealer probably just hasn't seen this yet.

As far as your issue, can you tell if this is more of a front or rear issue?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Actually, the dealer did tell me that they have only seen a few with the air suspension. It's mainly a front issue, and seems to be considerable worse on the driver side then the passenger side. It's so bad that I want to open the door and throw myself on the pavement to make the bouncing stop! :)
I feel for you on that one. Can you give me a part # XXXXX exact part name of what was replaced here already?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Not sure. The receipt says:
      Tech found broken wire at air suspension exhaust soloid causing system not to purge and
      ride rougher than normal. Repaired wiring and replaced left front level sonsor &
      rechecked system working as designed & trouble code stayed off. The FP Number (?) is
      89406-48020.    Does that help?        None of those repairs made a bit of

Yes that does help, thank you.

The repair states that there was a code stored....does it state a code # XXXXX?

Also do you have any warning indicaators blinking or on now that would indicate a recognized failure?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No, there is no code # XXXXX the receipt. There were never any warning indicators, and there still aren't. It did take several days, after installing the sensor, for them to be able to "upload data into the computer".     
ok, if you toggle the switch can you still move the ride height between hi, neutral and low?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The light does show that it is moving between hi, neutral & low. When I took it in, they noticed the motor would run for an extended period of time when switched, but it seems to be back to normal. It will stay in low (according to the light) if I switch it, but it won't stay in high.    

Ok, high mode automatically cancels once you go above.....I believe it's 13 mph on this one.

I want you to try something on the truck and get back to me. Start the Rx (all doors closed) and turn the suspension to HI, wait until the light stops blinking and then shut the truck off, then tomorrow morning check to see if the truck seems to have lost any height on any of the 4 corners. I want to see if any of the air shocks are leaking down internally here.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Will do. How do I get back to you tomorrow? Thank you so much! You don't know how much I appreciate it!

I'm here to help, just reply back here as you are doing now, you should have a few e-mails by now to redirect you back here, I am online in the evenings.


Also call your dealer tomorrow and get me the code #;s, they should be something like C1122

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I'll contact you tomorrow then. Thank you thank you.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi Peter,

I did what you said with my car last night. This morning, it was hard to tell, but I really think the passenger side, in the front was maybe slightly (and I mean slightly) lower than the driver side. I'm not positive though.   Also, when I bought the car a year ago, I had no idea that when you put it in reverse, the driver & passenger side mirrors move so you're looking at the ground, then put it into drive and they move back up to eye level. My mirrors never did operate like that until I got my car back last week from the dealer, they started moving...I assume from the wiring that was repaired. But now, the passenger side mirror stays in the reverse position, never moving back up to eye level. Does that make sense? Would that have anything to do with the problem?

The service coordinator at Lexus said he doesn't have that trouble code...but will try to get it from the technician. He also said that they can have the Lexus rep from Los Angeles look at the car when he is here in Albuquerque, sometime within the next two weeks, but they never said that he actually knows how to repair it.       

Does this help at all?   


Good evening Mary.

To answer a couple things here:

- On the mirrors: you have 2 buttons on the left knee bolster for the mirror, one of these buttons is for the direction of adjustment, the other switch has 3 positions (left, center or right, center is no mirror control if you push the direction adjustment), for the auto tilt mirrors to operate you must have the top switch toggled left or right, if you have it in center position then the mirrors will not tilt up/down. Be sure to read the owners manual as well, this goes over it in detail with good pictures.

I would still really like to have a code that was pulled from the system. At this point I have a feeling that either 1 strut has failed here or the cylinder that supports the 2 front struts/shocks. Yes having a district rep drive the vehicle is a good idea as well but the technician should have opened a case with Lexus technicial assistance before this is needed.

lexpert and 4 other Lexus Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
About the mirror thing, I can't help but laugh. You probably thought "what an idiot this woman is!".   Really, I do know how to operate the mirrors, but now that's not working. Maybe that was far-fetched to think it had anything to do with the suspension problem. :) Great...a whole other problem besides being bounced all over the freeway! If I can get that code I will contact you again. I will ask the dealer to look into the struts/cylinder and see if the technician has opened a case with technical assistance. Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX appreciate all of your help. I will hit "reply" and then "accept"?    

There is no such thing as an idiot or stupid question here, I am here to help and because I enjoy doing this, feel free to ask and reply as you need to, I will be here to help you in any way you need. I am logging off for the evening but am online most evenings. Thank you for the follow up and feel free to keep me posted if needed, thanks.


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