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Lexus sc430: I have check the fuses under hood I don`t know

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lexus sc430 conv.hard top will not go down I have check the fuses under hood I don`t know where the roof fuse is.The divider is lock down The .button is flashing red when held down nothing is happening

Thank you for opening a new question and requesting me, sorry for the confusion, your old question was posted in the wrong category originally and it gets confusing when the information is not all in one place and with one expert.


Back to your issue here, I am fully prepared to help you in any way possible here and am very familiar with your car.

First I need a little more information on your car:

-How many miles are on the car?

-When is the last time you used the hardtop?

-When you push the button you just get a flash correct? Any noises associated with operation?

- Do you own a test light or votl meter and do you know how to use it?

-Are you familiar with how to read a wiring diagram?

-Did you by chance have any body work, detailing work or routine services performed on the car prior to this happening?

-Did you play around in the glove box at all before this started happening?

-What have you checked already?

Please reply back with a deatiled response to these questions so that I can proprly analyze this and get a better visual image of the situation, feel free to add anything that may be useful to me.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
2003 sc430 38000 miles roof has not been open in about 5 mo.No noisewhen pushing button,yes I have test light,wiring diagram I am familiar,a new battery was install 4 mo. ago and new key was made I have try both keys, what is in glove box I have been in glove box I have check all fuse under hood I don`t know where the roof fuse is,the divider is lock down the button is flashing red when you hold it down there is no noise when holding button down.

Thank you for the reply.

I want you to check something very simple first before we get too complicated with this:

-THe car only checks for a few things for the roof to open:

It has to be still, I prefer car RUNNING for voltage reasons

The divider has to be locked down into position (you already know this)

It has to recognize trunk lid as closed, be sure truck is securely closed, slam it if you have to, we have had some issues with trunk latches.

*******Here is the one thing you may have overlooked, check the truck lockout/valet switch. Get a flashlight and open the glove box, you will see on the inside edge of glove box you have 2 small round black buttons, 1 is for the tires main/second switch position, the other switch is for the truck and hardtop lockout for valet reasons. There is a very good chance that this button was accidentally hit and disabled the top. Let me know what you find. It's a 2 position toggle switch. If thi is in the off position it locks out the hard top from operating.*******


I will be logging out for the evening so if possible give me a rely soon so I can keep giving you information here if needed beyond the switch issue.

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