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I’m a employee manager in a service business that was in the

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I’m a employee manager in a service business that was in the middle of business move when our active employee files were found to be missing and believed stolen. We have filed a police report but what should our path be going forward?
Thanks so much for coming to the site. If you or the police find out who this is, you need to consider a lawsuit against the person who took them. The cause of action is faked conversion. The business can ask a court to order they turn over the the documents. If you don’t know who did it, you have to keep investigating.

With the employees, a wise decision would be to be honest about what happened. You can tell them you’re taking every effort to find the thief. Sometimes, these things happen, but consider offering up some sort of protection, like credit monitoring, to keep them happy.

Also, describe what your policy is regarding securing files going forward. This will give employees and a management peace of mind.
Customer: replied 15 days ago.
Unfortunately We don’t anticipate finding the culprit but obviously will continue to hope that something will connect. The business owner has sent out a email not necessarily taking ownership but advising employees to make police reports on attempted fraudulent activity, notify banks etc and said she would HELP with lifelock if the employees financial strapped but has fallen short of outright advising the employees exactly what happened. Being connected Ive researched and sent out carefully worded emails on how to combat identity theft . I was concerned we weren’t doing enough but maybe we are on track.
You’re on track. This is no different than any other kind of data breach I’ve seen before. This one was just unsophisticated. I’m of the opinion you all are headed the right way. Any other questions for me today?
Customer: replied 15 days ago.
No sir thank you for your help! Have a great night
You too!
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