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The statute of limitations on professional negligence -

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The statute of limitations on professional negligence - medical malpractice - runs in a year. If there are other COA's, such as conversion, does that change the statute of limitations change for the other COA's? Does having a case ruled medical malpractice mean that all the COA's are limited to one year?

Hi and welcome to JA. Ray here to help you today.Please bear with me a few moments while I review your question and respond.

No it does not.Each COA has its own SOL.Medical Malpractice is one year, breach of contract is 4 years.

Here are some others

Statutes of Limitations in California

Injury to PersonPersonal injury: 2 yrs. Civ. Proc. §335.1; False imprisonment: 1 yr. Civ. Proc. §340(c)

Libel/Slander1 yr. Civ. Proc. §340(c)

Fraud3 yrs. Civ. Proc. §338(d)

Injury to Personal Property3 yrs. Civ. Proc. §338(b), (c)

6 more rows

California Civil Statute of Limitations Laws - FindLaw › california-law › california-civil-statute-of-limi..

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