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Someone bought my brand's .com name and built a website and

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Someone bought my brand's .com name and built a website and is filling it with defamatory and slanderous statements. I am in the middle of my trademark. but they also cloned my social media accts and are going after my clients. They added pictures of my "FOR SALE" products from my etsy shop and linked all the photos to my shop. I had to take the shop down. I would like to sue but don't know how to start
JA: Is the trademark federally registered?
Customer: I'm waiting for the paper work. as I type.
JA: Has anything been filed or reported?
Customer: paperwork from the govt. as far as the website? no not yet. but this person has also made a public death threat against me last Nov and that was reported to the police
JA: Anything else you want the lawyer to know before I connect you?
Customer: I need to take my "BRAND NAME " back and take down the website, shut this crazy woman down and get a restraining order, an order of protection or at least a cease and desist what ever it takes to SHUT her up and make her go away and stop

Hello! I am a licensed attorney, admitted to practice in state and federal court. I have a nearly 100% satisfaction rating so all that means is that you can count on me to help today. It seems like you have an action for trademark infringement. You may want to consider just writing a cease and desist letter. Lawyers use letters like these on the regular basis to enforce their client’s rights. There’s a site that I’ve used in the past where you can find a good template for a demand letter (click here). It only costs $10 and it is way cheaper than litigation. If you would like to file a lawsuit for something like this then you may just need to hire an attorney. However, Harrington attorney is not necessary. You can do this on your own. One of the things that you would have to do is find some 28 line pleading paper, draft up the facts of your complaint, state with the law is regarding trademark infringement, and then state with your prayer for Relief is. Once you do that, you would take it down to the court, have the court clerk file it, then serve that complaint on the other party. After that, most cases typically settle. This means that you may be able to work it out with the other party to have her give you back the name and take down the slanderous information.

You ay also have a case for defamation. Defamation is basically a false and defamatory statement, published to a third party, that causes harm (usually a lessened reputation in the community, lost business opportunity, or other harms as the facts dictate.)

Although I don't know the full extent of what was the supposed defamatory statement, run the alleged statements through that analysis to see if it fits.

Follow up questions are free, so please feel free to ask away. You can also click here in the future to request me individually. If you don’t have any additional questions, were you satisfied with my service today?

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Hi. thank you for your answer. I am a bit leery of dealing with this woman as she has mounted a HUGE hate campaign and of course did make the statement that she wanted to kill me. she has released my private information as well. I need a minute as dealing with this has elevated my blood pressure again. do you need the link to the website? she has posted altered text messages and accused me of "STEALING ART" all sorts of things. I really just want to SHUT HER UP and make her go away.

I can certainly understand. If she is causing you that much trouble, you may want to consider hiring a lawyer.

One of the hardest things to do sometimes is find a lawyer that you can trust. Google searches are a good place to start, but usually the lawyers who pay the most can get bumped up to be on the first page regardless of their quality. One thing I recommend is going through your state’s lawyer referral service (LRS). The LRS in each state typically requires the attorney to have several years of practice, be free of discipline, and have adequate staffing to assist people.

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Customer: replied 3 months ago.
I used the link sent. Thank you. Although it would be better to know exactly what you need to pay upfront so there are no surprise billing. Messes up those of us on limited income

Hello! I'm sorry for the delay. I can understand your concern. Sometimes, lawyers change their billing depending on the complexity of the matter. You can get some quotes ahead of time to help you out a bit so you can get an idea before you buy their services:-)