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Second opinion] I had undergone a cosmetic hair procedure

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Second opinion] I had undergone a cosmetic hair procedure with a Dr. in Chicago, IL in 2015 and after 10-12 months felt I did not get any noticeable results. I spoke to Dr and he just offered to do another procedure for free w/o explaining what went wrong and why it would work second time. I reached out to an online forum to ask people's opinion on what to do next (simply stated the facts about my results and my opinion that I didn't see any noticeable results and it might even get worse). Additionally, I reached out the Dr. to request for a full refund as I was unsatisfied with my results. His team offered partial refund that I refused and informed him I would share my experience online on forums.
Few months later, I was reached out by the Doctor's attorney to not attempt any defamatory statements about Dr. abilities and performance. When I requested for evidence he was unable to provide me any. I requested a HT expert/mentor from an online forum to act as a mediator and see if we could settle this amicably. The Dr. and legal team now offered ~30% refund with me signing a confidentiality a agreement. They threatened to sue me for extortion if I did not do the same as I was requesting a refund. I simply refused their offer and officially withdrew my request for any refund now or in future. I thought that would put matters to rest and will not be bothered by them again.However, their legal team has asked me to enter into a mutual non-disparagement and confidentiality agreement failing which they would proceed with civil action for Dr. to protect himself and his business. Appreciate inputs from this forum on the following:- Is the above just harassment and empty threat or they have any probable cause for civil action ?- Based on discussion that my mediator had with their legal team, they mentioned about an attempt to extortion because of the original request for full refund. Can they still file a case of extortion against me when I have officially withdrawn my request for any refund ?- Based on discussion that my mediator had with their legal team, they mentioned about filling an injunction and proceeding with discovery ? Can they pursue that and on what grounds ? What should I do to just be prepared if they take that action ?- As mentioned, I had made an online post on a forum last year in April. Where I had stated all the facts of my case, but had also expressed my opinion that " I don’t see any positive results and feel it has even got worse. Can that be used in any way against me ? I believe the statue of limitation in IL for defamation is 1 year and this post has been over a year- Should I be logging a complaint with IL Department of Public Health and/or Cook County State Attorney about the harassment and bullying from their end to sign a non-confidentiality agreement ?- On further research online , I did uncover another thing that there is an existing Medical malpractice suit against this doctor for negligence. That the same legal team is defending. Should I inform them my knowledge of the same ?Appreciate your assistance.
I see no basis for a claim against you. You pursued your case in good faith whether you recover or not. The fact others are suing too shows your claim was within reason!
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