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My neighbor is totally inconfident she has done some real

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My neighbor is totally inconfident she has done some real strange things lately. She's not supposed to be driving she's either lost or looking for her street is moving to a new apartment. Ending up in the complex next door which used to live. Which she went through the woods falling down in the parking lot on all fours looking fo her car I could go on. To make a long story short one of my other neighbors ask she needed anything she said she needed her prescriptions. My other neighbor took her information. She said she was too tired to go to the drugstore I said I would drive her. I ended up going to pick them up we thought maybe she was almost out. Come to find out her sister in law had done her whole week ahead. Morning she had wanted off she took her PM in the AM. We realized she was incompetent my neighbor decided to hang on the pills. Her brother was contacted through a neighbor who belongs to his church that she has the medications. He showed up a couple of days later I looked him over to the neighborhood has the medications that she wasn't home. A few days later she took the prescription to the other neighbor belongs to the church which her brother and sisterinlaw belongs too she was going to call and let him know that she has the prescriptions. My question will I get in trouble here? Ffew days ago she lost her keys I helped her find them strange there was a bow on her nightstand with tissue on top I picked it up and that's where the keys were she put them in her pocket and ring my doorbell she couldn't find them. Also the day looking for her keys through pockets of the tops she had that own that day she had a pocketknife. She is 72 and I have decided to not have any more to do with her.

Obviously, this lady is suffering from senility or Alzheimers. All you can do is try to help her if she asks for it. I don't know what kind of ''trouble'' you mean.

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I picked here perception that she gave to a another neighbor to pick up. The other neighbor took the perceptions to keep to her brother could come and get them. But she in turn checked into a another neighbor who is a member of his church's he know about it. But I picked the perceptions up and sign for them. That is my question have I done something wrong here?

No. You are not. People will believe your story when they see her mental condition.

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