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I am at the back end of a divorce after 16 years. In sept of

Customer Question

I am at the back end of a nasty divorce after 16 years. In sept of 2014 i approach my ex about separation- she immediately stopped talking to me and engaged in a campaign to take my 10 and 12 year old from my life. My ex filed for sole custody and accused me of domestic violence. She filed 2 false CPS claims. I went for a long time without contact with my children. Multiple times the court told her to put the batteries in the phones- she ignored those from the judges with no recourse. My son went home a couple times from school with suicidal thoughts while we could not connect. During this time she has had the kids for over 93% of the time. My wife spread fear and went on a campaign to harm my relationship with the church we were at - She put my son on Zoloft without consulting with me - he was on this medicine for almost 2 months before i found out. I have had joint custody the entire time- but as you can probably imagine, in name only because i have not had one single decision where i was consulted or my input was honored. We had a custody evaluation where they could not find anything wrong with me so they asked that i get tested again- and of course the testing came back without any issues. However in the custody evaluation- my ex did not complete the test- in fact she did not complete the test enough to be able to make a determination. The Psychiatrist said that she was the worst that she had seen in 17 years of practice. She said that she exhibited a borderline personality disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder. The custody evaluation was largely in favor or me the father. A year ago in October when i visited the school to talk to the counselor , my son had gone home for suicidal thoughts the day before. My daughter saw me - ran into the bathroom ( this is a catholic school). The police told me that apparently some child went home and told their parents that i was going to come to school and shoot everyone. ( i do not own a gun) In our divorce - the judge upheld my joint custody and i have every other weekend with the kids from thurs- monday and every other thursday. At this point however my youngest daughter is openly stating that she cannot wait until she is 18 so she will not have to see me again ( she is 12). My son- 15 is openly affectionate, but has been leveraged with a private school that his mother has promised if he will go along with her manipulation.Recently my son slipped and told me that he has a instagram account. His mother has told him that he cannot tell me that this account exist. She has told him in the past that he can be stolen etc. I have asked him to friend me so that i can stay abreast of what is going on in his life and the people he is hanging out with. He has told me that his mother will not let him and he will get into trouble. I will be taking this to the child therapist ( by the way i had a parenting coordinator installed - she is also on this case) . My son and daughter are affectionate with me. I swear to you that i sincerely ***** ***** children. I do not utilize corporal punishment and for the most part i love watching cartoons , playing with the kids and just being in their lives. I am a cancer survivor - i really do not have hate toward anyone. I can even say that i understand and care about my ex - its a sad situation. I have no power obviously the kids know this. Frankly i love my kids enough to not allow them to disrespect openly their Father. They are in a position where they must disrespect me - Also my ex has a sister that has almost the exact same situation- except the father has not seen his children in over 3 years. I am thinking that the State of Kentucky - specifically Louisville are so liberal and there is such a little respect for the need of Fathers that i cannot see many other solutions other than submission and to eliminate my presence until there can be parity. Please help provide your advice. I have a meeting with the kids therapist in 2 days. By the way i still see the therapist that my ex and i went to - he is convinced that she has a Borderline Personality disorder ( she cussed him out ) . I am sorry for the long winded question but i thought it was pertinent.
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Carole replied 8 months ago.

Good evening, If you would prefer, I can discuss your question's and concern's via phone.

Carole NP