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I have an idea I'd like to run past someone smarter and more

Customer Question

Hello my name is ***** ***** I have an idea I'd like to run past someone smarter and more educated than myself. First off please allow me to explain a few things about myself and how I think in order to explain why I even have this idea which may be to unique or attract to much harsh criticism. I was born in Dallas Texas on Feb 2nd of 1977 and moved to Washington state in 1989 with mom and dad my sister and the family cat I was in special education most of my life which I say because I believe if I remember correctly it was the second grade when I switched school's because like mom said the other school has classes more specialized for someone like you. I graduated from Puyallup high school in 96 that's here in Washington state and still just down the road from where I currently am living at this time. Many of my friends which I still know from my school years of the past I still know today and subsequently for the most part the majority of them receive Social Security disability each month. I myself never have received disability I've worked and done a pretty regular job which has usually amounted to hard labor since I graduated from high school and at least one of those jobs was a good one I made decent money for something simple and easy for me it required more muscle than brain power. Essentially it was being a helper for a driver ridding in and sometimes on the back of a garbage truck and I keep doing it after breaking my leg one day at work when that was done healing I was back to dumping trash cans again because that's how good of a job it was for me. Come September 10th of 2011 I was walking through the store with a friend of mine at Fred Meyers in Puyallup and suddenly found myself in a state of consciousness that seemed like a dream which I instantly determined wasn't right because where did the rest of the day go then which suddenly I woke up with a paramedic asking me if I'd been doing drugs. Before I could answer him I was back out and up again like that with a lady suddenly explaining to me that I was at Good Samaritan Hospital. I Had, had my first seizure ever and a few days later I met a new doctor in my life who's a neurologist and she determined that I have epilepsy which subsequently wound up ending my getting to do that kind of work anymore. No shame on them they attempted to keep me employed doing something else which wasn't hard or untouchable for me to maintain just not satisfactory so I ended up getting let go from there for having chosen to become a medical marijuana patient and it wasn't because I used any at work or came to work hi. Fact is they didn't always ua everyone who was an employee periodically only periodically the drivers and only me the first time I started working there and never in the years up to that moment until suddenly one new day around the beginning of the year 2013. Every since then I've either worked for labor ready or not actually worked at all and I'll not go into details as to how I've survived since then just to say honestly it's been super depressing and lonly however I'm still alive today. Getting to my idea which is essentially something I'm shy about speaking highly of because maybe it's the worst dumb thing you've ever heard anyone dream up. But in getting past my fear of making it known I'll just go ahead and begin with it already. So essentially imagine someone out there gets sick and tired of being broke and goes out with there rocket guitar and Battery powered Yamaha desktop amp to get on the bus go multiple different locations on the bus every day each day most of the day long shredding on there guitar making it sound as good as they can or even excellent perhaps. All the while with a sign which explains that they desire to obtain a chosen amount in there lives for themselves for whatever reason who knows or cares by a chosen date and have the information on this sigh for where they can be further understood as to who they are and why they think they should be able to attempt such a task to obtain a such an amount by a chosen date and do this every day for the rest of there life should they choose to, To attempt to potentially make a living in such manner. Essentially this is my idea which I've explained in a nutshell and I'd attempt at giving it credibility but first I'll give insight into my vision for how exactly it would work to begin with at least I'd set up a fund me account which I'd advertise on my sigh I carry around with me as long as that would be feasible to advertise on my sigh that I am this individual on fund to easily give insight as to how to donate to my life and keep me shredding away. One thing which I know makes my idea so extreme is this one detail which would be to not be afraid of advertising that i desire to obtain even an amount to the power of a hundred grand or something more or something less but not much much less because this idea is about not being afraid of implementing a healthy extreme for self benefit. In my philosophy on one hand such an idea shouldn't be a problem because things which I find so many people calling a necessity actually are not necessities like cars homes job's and money these things are not true necessities to live day by day however they are invented necessities by way of the desire to maintain convenience and satisfaction. In our society it seems to me that the common answers are to either work a good job or more than one job or further your education to get a better good job to earn more money in life and then if not that there's at least the potential even if a small one that perhaps the lottery or some other form of gambling will pay off eventually although for most who play it, It never will. But the point is that the potential exists and the attempt is legal and therefore an existent property in our society. Also the existence of money is essentially just a widely notion which gets entertained by the majority of individuals which make up a society and that notion is advanced to the extent that it's for sell and self profitable or essentially people have credit cards car loans home loans and payday loans which is basically what I mean by saying for sell and self profitable in relevancy to it's own notion. Also money doesn't buy love and the love of money is the root of all evil or at least I believe it's correct that this is what the majority of society would claim to believe most of the time. Therefore if all of this is true that money shouldn't be thought of as something which buys love and that even it shouldn't be thought of as something which is to be loved. And it's this way because it's essentially just an entertained notion rather than an actual necessity for living and being alive from day to day. Then is an idea like mine a good one or one which would be too much harshly criticized and therefore shouldn't be attempted or should it be attempted.
Could an idea like mine be allowed if peacefully and respectfully ***** ***** an individual making themselves a character and advertising that they are in pursuit of a large income type allowance for there ability to show off in an entertaining way by way of having nerves enough to do something crazy in a cool non violent way?
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 9 months ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
Are you asking if you can go out and be a street performer?