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I purchased a dog from a rescue group for the cash amount of

Customer Question

I purchased a dog from a rescue group for the cash amount of $150. I forgot to ask for a receipt.
At the time he arrived I had some questions about his health and the rescue allowed me to have him seen by my vet. The vet and I discussed my concerns and with what little we had to go on decided that stress and allergies could POSSIBLY be causing his trouble swallowing, his snoring, and his eating inappropriate things such as rocks and beads. He also had a gait abnormality that the vet said could be due too early hip dysplasia or soft tissue injuries. He also had quite a bit of tartar on his teeth and I was instructed to feed him teeth cleaning bones, soft ones, which I did. I followed all instructions and decided that I would keep the dog.
About a week later he was worse and one of his teeth broke. He was depressed, with nausea and constant craving to have something in his tummy.
I called my vet the next morning but they were busy and I didn't hear back from them. Meanwhile I asked the rescue group if he ended up needing something like having teeth pulled if they did fundraisers or had any resources to help. It was only a question as I was exploring my options to get him taken care of.
The immediate response was that the rescue would take care of it if I took him to their vet, which they arranged. I complied. Once there I was met with hostility and the vet barely looked at him and pronounced him "healthy". I had previously told Kathy, the owner of the rescue, that I had an unbreakable Dr appt and would have to leave my dog at the vets until after my appointment, at which time I would pick him up.
I texted Kathy after my Dr appt to see what her vet found. At that time I was told that they had ordered "a whole bunch of tests so that they could get to the bottom of it. That seemed strange to me since her vet didn't think anything was wrong. I asked Kathy if I could pick him up and she refused, saying he had to stay there and she'd "let me know when I could have him".
I started getting worried about this strange situation and again requested to pick him up from the vet, offering to take him back and forth if needed.
Kathy refused, and then accused me of trying to get her to do a fundraiser on a healthy dog and said that their vet had called mine (I haven't yet confirmed this) and was told that he was perfectly healthy.
I explained to Kathy that my vet hadn't seen him recently but she refused to hear me. She thought that he had been at my vet's office when I asked Kathy for help and had thought it an emergency.
All this was done through texting and I asked her to read back through them and try to understand the miscommunication. She still refused and instructed her vet not to talk to me or let me have him.
I tried all evening to talk to their vet and to get Kathy to change her mind but my dog ended up staying at the vet overnight.
Kathy finally decided to give him back if I would sign papers releasing them from any monetary responsibility regarding his health. I agreed (under duress) because I needed to get him home.
Kathy had a volunteer pick him up and I had to sign the papers before they would even bring him out to me.
I had requested the bill of sale and a copy of his original records from the foster family's vet but those were not produced. I was handed a dog that was so dehydrated and stressed that he drank nearly a gallon of water before he would settle down. He was ecstatic to see me and I took him home.
The medical issue persisted and I tried to get him seen by my vet but it was the day after thanksgiving and I was unable to reach her. He will see her tomorrow.
I again texted Kathy, asking for the records, receipt, and my special leash that was on him at the vet's when I left him.
As of this point, I have the leash and a file of her very strange and hostile responses. At the end I asked one more time for the records and receipt, at which time she said that if I sent even one more text she was calling the police and suing for harassment.
I need the receipt and his vet records as he us in training as my service dog and also because I am moving and need them to show potential landlords. I don't know how to safely move forward on this issue. I can attach the texts if it will help.
Advice? I'm terrified that I'll lose him. I heard from someone else that she had seriously considered not giving him back and was going to make him "disappear", ie, adopt him out to someone else. The person she said that to convinced her to give him to me. But who knows what she's capable of if I keep asking for my records and receipt. This woman seems unbalanced. Help!
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  LawyerDavid replied 7 months ago.
Hello: I am really sorry about your situation. My advice is to take the dog to your vet and stop communicating with Kathy completely. You have signed a document that says they are no longer responsible so you need to stop talking to them. Have your vet see the dog and start developing treatment records from there. I am sorry for your troubles but you will make it worse for yourself and dog if you will not let it go and move on with your own vet. I hope this helps! David
Expert:  LawyerDavid replied 7 months ago.
I am also going to offer you a phone call to talk through the situation if that may help. David
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I need the sales receipt and his vet records from the original vet that did his neuter and shots. Kathy is the only person capable of sending me those documents. The communication on my side was always polite. I need to know how to get those documents, please.
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I would be happy to send the record of our correspondence.
Expert:  LawyerDavid replied 7 months ago.
I would suggest you have your vet request copies of all the records. Tell your vet you will pay for the copies if necessary, but have your vet do the communicating.
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** doesn't include the receipt for the dog, which I must produce to multiple people. I'm not interested in making the rescue pay any medical costs and never was. I only asked if they helped. "NO" would have been fine but she led me to believe that she would. I just don't care about that. I'll pay. All I need is the documents and don't know who else can give me a receipt of sale when I'm forbidden to contact the person who sold him to me.
Expert:  LawyerDavid replied 7 months ago.

Did you write a check fir the dog or pay cash? If you write a check that will serve as your receipt. I have never heard of anyone needing a receipt for a rescue dog. It seems you may be the one that is not being reasonable in this situation. I am going to opt out as I have nothing else to offer you.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Thank you for your efforts. Please understand that I don't want to cause any grief for anyone. I just need what is legally mine so that I can rent a home and continue the dog's service training. That's all.
Expert:  LawyerDavid replied 7 months ago.