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This is a question: What is appropriate behavior involving a

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This is a question: What is appropriate behavior involving a celebrity who apparently invites personal contact or is open to friendship? What is an appropriate motive for contacting a celebrity you have not met? What is the appropriate means? If they show interest in you personally through a third party or other way, or at their business or an appearance, apparently inviting contact, is that an appropriate situation or does it change rapidly such that you would not contact them or be in a personal friendship with them? This is a good question because the celeb themselves may not be knowledgeable about their status and hence can not act on their own behalf so may make a mistake like that inviting contact which is not good for them or appropriate in some way. I feel if they are not prepared to give you their secretary's name or card, it may be a lost cause if you met them at a book signing say, or even a party or performance they were doing or attending. IF this is not your forte, I hope you can forward this to the appropriate attorney or specialist.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
You need to better explain what is going on here. Celebrities meet tens of thousands of people and are friendly to most everyone, sometimes this friendliness is misunderstood or is taken too far by some fans or the general public.
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
What if you meet their manager of one of their businesses (like the manager at a grocery store where the celeb is the owner) and you gave them a drawing you made supporting the celeb, a cartoon looking like their face but does not have to be it, kind of quite supportive in nature - emphasizing safety first, with fun flattering of the features - they are seen in publications, and with detail, then you see the picture of their face on the news or in a publication from the store expressing that detail like it was their face and they knew it? Would you think it was OK to call the manager you knew and say, look what happened! Or not, considering you never met the celeb? This is only a hypothetical example which almost never happens. Can you check with the manager about it at all or is it best not to in your opinion today? The name and email and a greeting were under the image. If you did not get any email, in response or thanks, ***** ***** was not that kind of communication where you would expect that, I guess not have it at all, then does this change anything?
Thank you for your reply.
If you make initial contact and you provide them with some item for them to review or examine and they accept the item, then contacting the manager as a follow up regarding the item is not inappropriate as long as the follow up contact is only one time and if no answer is received then that is the evidence they are not interested in communicating with you.
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Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I have a follow up to this question. How to deal with it : if this is a separate question, just let me know. What if after that, that celeb is at an event or small party that you are at? What if you want to do business with the celeb's store or say put a vending machine in the store which you maintain or own, can you do that or did this change the relationship? IF they don't answer, does it mean you have to stay away from the store? So a picture of them can be just a nice thing they do even if in great detail where they would not meet the person? I am left with questions about this, and so do you stay away from celebs unless in a business with them? What if you met them at an event? What about attending a business meeting at the Chamber of Commerce and asking the members how to meet the celeb? If you think you will do ongoing contacts with the celeb or the store manager, should you avoid all contact with the celeb until you are on a regular basis with them such as if they come in to the store - what would be something which would bring it past the "one time" rule? (That makes so much sense so thanks for the clarification also).
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Also, what is your opinion on if the celeb does not know or it is hard for them to respond, it is still the "one time" thing? What if they do not know what to do, it is up to you right? The one time thing...
Thank you for your reply.
The celebrity generally does not run their store, they have managers and those are the people you need to speak to about doing business at their store.
If you are at a function where the celebrity is at, you can say hello and be pleasant, but you cannot follow them around the room to talk to them.
As far as the one contact rule, generally, if you speak to the manager and they welcome the contact, you can send them a contact or proposal and can even follow up on the phone or by letter about the proposal. What you cannot do is continuously call, say every week or multiple times a day. The court looks at "reasonableness" of the communications or the attempted contacts. If you are getting responses from them, then of course you can continue to make contact, if you are getting no contact or are being ignored by your attempted communications, then you need to cease them.
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