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I filled for bankruptcy last year May and my case was

Customer Question

I filled for bankruptcy last year May and my case was dismissed in October because the judge said i don't have a lot of debt. It was mostly for my house and my car. After that, i was able to save my home through some program but my car dealership said that i can make a payment under the hardships program and i did but now, they telling me i can't anymore , they are going to repressed my car and I'm sick on disability can you please help me keep my car from getting repressed? My name is Rita
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Legal
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
I need to save my car because my credit is really bad right now and I'm fixing it but i lived alone and don't have anyone to help me get another,, please help me find a way from losing the car.
Expert:  DrakeLAW replied 9 months ago.

Hi, my name is ***** ***** I look forward to helping you, please give me a moment to review and possibly research answers to your question.

Expert:  DrakeLAW replied 9 months ago.

I don't see any other option than bankruptcy to save your car. Was it a chapter 13 that you were in?

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
sir chapter 13, okay....but do you have any way to stop my car from getting repressed? I been making payments and yet they are going to repressed it.
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Any other way to stop a repressed
Expert:  DrakeLAW replied 9 months ago.

If you have been making payments why will they repossess it? Were you not making full payments?

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Didn't you read the whole massage, after the bankruptcy, they put me at a program called hardship. They won't let me go back to the way it was before the bankruptcy. You are not a real lawyer are you? I just pay $31 dollars to get you ask me this. After explaining it to you.
Expert:  DrakeLAW replied 9 months ago.

Yes I did read it but you said "a payment" under "the" hardships program. I have no idea what that means since there is no national hardship program for cars and I assumed you made "a" payment, meaning one. I am confused why you would be so upset by my asking a clarification question to give you the best possible advice. You can only keep the car if you cure the default under the pre-bankruptcy terms.