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Customer Question

JA: What state are you in? It matters because laws vary by location.
Customer: is the content of this conversastion confindential ? i am located in California
JA: We keep all your personally identifiable information confidential and even have people that double check to make sure something doesn't slip through. Your question goes out to the lawyer's and then gets published with the answer to help others with similar problems. Has anything been filed or reported?
Customer: No nothing had been filed or reported ( yet ) but i am very close to pursuing that route as i can no longer take the emotional stress, as well as my father who told me not to let myself be treated like i was previously by mother and brother but after he passed away who could no longer help me and when he was gone they were free to d0 what they wanted
JA: Anything else you want the lawyer to know before I connect you?
Customer: 1. does this cost any money ? or any hidden fees? 2. if i went this route it would be to sue my mother and brother for defamation and emotional hurt/stress/hardship ... dont know what the correct term is
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  LawTalk replied 10 months ago.

Good afternoon,

I'm Doug, and I'm very sorry to hear of your situation. My goal is to provide you with excellent service today. I have been a CA licensed attorney for more than 3 decades.

1. What is your question?


Customer: replied 10 months ago.
my question is more of do i have enough legally to sue my mother and brother for defamation and emotional stress/hardship/hurt. i am 29yrs old. From my late teenage years up until this very moment i have had to deal with my mother and brother teaming up on me. my brothe would constantly steal my personal belongings and money to go pawn them and when i would catch him he would admit to it and my mother would say she will punish him but she never did she just let it keep happening and everytime i would say something or want to do something she would say no you arent doing anything. Then after he stole some more items and i caught my brother i walked up to him and got in his face about it, didnt touch him or assualt him but scared him and he went and told my parents that i touch him in inappropriate ways. which is nothing but lies. my father was then diagnosed with multiple myeloma ( a plasma cell ) type cancer that is terminal. i was kicked out of my house and slept in my car for 3 weeks before finding a place to stay for the next 8 months. i had to lie to people about what happend to keep the stress away from my father as him and i were best friends. finally when my dad recovered from stem cell transplant i had a chance to speak to them about it. my father who knows me knew nothing happened and allowed me to move back home. i had to listen to my mother and brother call me very hurtful names like rapist , piece of shit, ect ... yet after after i moved back in my brother never seemed to care i was there which i kept telling my mom if something really went down then why would he not care ? After a little bit of time passed he started taking my things and running behind my mom for help. once again i could not do anything bc my father could not have stress due to his cancer , his treatment, and his medication. i just had to sit there and take it. not to mention he told me straight to my face many time "im gonna keep taking your shit, bc you cant do anything about it". My mother would consistantly say that i had an anger problem and try to force me to believe i had an anger problems. she would always tell me you have issues, you need help, you need to see a therapist. I never had an anger problem, my issue was that he takes my things and property including money and nothing is being done. so i am upset about it. wouldnt you be upset if someone was taking your things from you and nothing was being done about it time after time? yet you cant do anything or cause someone stress you love and care for in hopes it doesnt send them down hill. i did end up seeing a therapist and my mother made me pay out my own pocket. i went for 3 months or so and honestly neither the therapist or i understood what my mother was talking about. although did lean how it all started with the teaming up of my father and i vs my mother, brother, and sister growing up. which then turned to my brother and brother when she moved out.i would also like to say that my brother would give my gf's dirty looks when they came over and creep them out. my brother currently has a case open with orange county sheriffs for stalking and doing inappropriate things in public. i have caught him numerous time touching himself outside and writing dirty nasty note on papers about other people including my neightbor. My neighbor actually has security cameras and can validate my claims i have of my brother.There came a time this past july when i had to quit my job and and stay home to tae care of my father bc my brother neglected to care and would just sit there play on the computer as my dad would almost overdose on his cancer pain medication. im talking about serious medication multipe oxycontin 80's oxycodone 30's 60mg morphine pills, and sublingual fentanyl spray. so i quit my job to take care of him help him get dressed make food watch him make sure he took his pain meds accordingly and other chemo drugs and blood thinners or coagulants. while my brother continued to steal and lie and my mother would back him up and tell me im the problem, i make it worse, i have issues, father told me 3 days before he could not speak anymore and was put in hospital and then hospice and paseed away and it breaks my heart. we were best friends. he said to me 'shorty i want you to promise me something, never ever let anyone treat you the way you have been treated here, its not right". " i wish we could have just up'd and moved away just the two of us but its to late, i love you with all my heart".3-4 weeks after he passed away and the stealing continued and the name calling and him breaking into my room, i came home one monday after spendign time at my gfs to my mother telling me im now a drug addict and that i need help and im crazy and im a rapist and all this and that. that they found glass pipes in my roomand drugs. which were never mine and which i never even saw. she called all of her family including her 3 sisters and one of there husbands a boyfriend.
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
i was kicked out of my house and told by all i need help and im an addict , i could not tell anyone my side of the story. im 99.9% sure my brother set me up and or my mother. they knew once my father was gone they were free to do whatever they wanted. i was on crutches at the time and no one helped me pack a truck up of things my whole family now thinks i am something i am not and i basically have no family anymore. they all preach to not judge a book by its cover yet they do so anyways. my mother feeds to everyone how bad of a person i am but my brother is a good man and doesnt do anything wrong . yet its the complete and exact opposite... i spend my days and nights crying over this and my father and how we were treated. ass the stuff my mother told me about anger and issues and all that and how she spoke to me and treated me, leads me to have disagreements with my gf and i revert to that bc of how i was treated in the past. i dont mean to do it. my gf understands. this has basically almost ruined my life. i have no job ( actively seeking employment ) i have no family left. which was a big family. my mother and brother spread lies, decieved many and hurt me extreamly bad in the process. i cant even get my things from my mothers house , she has given some of my property to others, and just says or well i didnt know when she absolutely knew those things were mine, all she did was give me 3-4 pictures of me and my father and a few baseball items of his and mine. when there are many many many more items. she has made me believe i am worthless, when i am not. a week ago i was in tahoewith my gf and her family and my mother tells me my fathers dog is going to be put down. she tells me tuesdat evening i ask when she knew about it and when was it happening. and she doesnt tell me until 11:50 wednesday. and it was happening at noon time on wednesday. it didnt happen at noon it happened at 3pm and i could have flown home to see the dog one last time and let her kiss me and pet her. my gfs father offered to pay my flight home and back and there were flights from tahoe area to orange county / long beach and i would have been home before 235pm ..... she tells me we can acommidate for you ect.... making it seem like its all me but she the one who decieved me and lied to me . i need help and need to know if i can move along in this process. she has done enough damage.
Expert:  LawTalk replied 10 months ago.

I am unable to further assist you in this matter, and I am going to opt out of your question and open this up for other professionals.

Your question is being placed back in the question list for other professionals to see, and to respond to. You do not have to stay online for the question to be active. Should another professional pick it up, you should be alerted by email unless you actively disable this feature.

There is no need for you to reply at this time as this may "lock" your question back to me, thus inadvertently delaying other professionals' access to it.

I apologize for any inconvenience and wish you well in your future.