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What is considered an "Emergency Stop"?

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what is considered an "Emergency Stop"?

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Can you please share with me what this is in relation to?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
stopping a guardian from finalizing the sale/release of property and/or finalizing a divorce unjustly.

Thank you. If there is a chance of irreparable harm being done, a Judge can step in and place a stay on the proceedings or order a party to not take any further action. The moving party would need to show if this was done, harm would be suffered and it would be hard for the Judge to correct or fix this.

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Customer: replied 9 months ago.
I apologize for the delay, I am concerned about the credentials of the appointed guardian how can I check her experience? In short the case has become a thorn in the flesh, judicial efficiency they called it. A stay seems to contribute and give no resolve. We are past the appeal time, from my research this attorney is not regarding the factors of equitable distribution. Interrogatories have not been provided from day 1 from O.C. (opposing council). Therefore no contributions ( considerable) or proof of are being considered and there are major misrepresentations from O.C.
Our attorney ( court appointed) has submitted a agreement for approval of judge with no consult or meeting or explanation. Interested parties put in for review hearing and were told they must have a claim to qualify.
Incompetency was determined with a 20 month old psyc. evaluation.
I can't afford attorney, have been portrayed as delinquent when in truth afforded 30% additional support, support proof not thru court administration, I just did it ! My nobility is being disregarded and in effect being punished.
Alot for you I know...I'll do my best. This being said, how do I get the truth revealled or submitted? I'm thinking present my own settlement or argue my court appointed attourneys by submitting proof...that would intail years of bank statements etc, etc. About 3 inches of docs.