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I am a 43 year old man who started to transgender and all of

Customer Question

I am a 43 year old man who started to transgender and all of a sudden it got said he must be board thats why he is doing it, next thing you know I have all theses people mwssing with me, I have come to learn that a women with mental health issues put something horrible up on a church cobnect web site and and it reachs out to the National Gaurd of N.H. where all theses people pore on what they font like about me and want to happen to me as well as my mother. But there is a bigger picture here a step mother that does not want me to gain an inharatence and a cusin named Joe Devore that wants the 24 room rooming house with 4 store fronts so what they have done is convinced my farther who I have not seen in a many of years that I am crazy, Parinoid, have lost my mind. They have araticated my life so bad it got said a pay off by a Brenda Ecker Burrows, they have yoused a program called the early jail releases work informent program that also runs thru the mental health center Community Partners, I took on a Doctor who abused me! When I asked if he new my step mother and Farther he declined then later says I seem to recall that name. I do believe he was my step mothers doctor growing up! My two cusins worked as C/Os at Rockingham and Strafford County Corrections. On October 4 2013 I married a man by the name of Christopher Letze he had busted up my home while we dated but when I met him he said he was released on a mental from the Milutery, Army, I have come to know he is a C/O at the Strafford county corrections facility and possibly something to do with mental health as well. I left and went to San Fransisco where they put me in an early jail releases facility 1001Polk St. and did horrible things to me. I left and went to Florida where they did horrible things to me how is it being done thru he Gaurd of N.H. orchestrated by a women named Tammy Henner, Christopher Letze, and a women last name Paridis. I have gone homeless on a breathing machine been stripped of everything just about and am about to go homeless again! as I came back here to Rochester N.H. for a few reasons one being I new my mother was introble when I ot here she opend the door and was bleedong every where bugs so bad and mold thru her whole apartment and go figure her boy friebd is all of a sudden going for counselling at the County Farm Strafford, the apartment is owned by a former Dentist the manafer is a former Dental hygental assistant guess what my step mother was for 15 years a Dental hygental assistant for a Dentis that lived in Rochester N.H. bit practiced out of Portsmouth N.H. it got said they where nev err r going to admit it but they yoused sicological militery warfare on my, I do believe so! It has also been said that if they could not get me on a mental then they would get me on a sexul charge. My aunt is a state rep whith pull in the N.H. state Goverment, I have cled out to the Attorney General twice the senator who said at the end of conversation ofcourse you do love your farther, the Govenors offices. I drove to the supreme Court house renting a car to get there. I recently wrote the judge ib supreme Court Concord N.H. and get nothing, I cant get any one to give me my proper breathing machine a bi pap flux and am on a C pap, I have to make my own head gear for my breathing machine. Its that bad really I wven got a procedure done on me that rexed my artery I am lucky to be a live! No one will help me I call and go to lawyers a U.S Marshal is a part in this nmed Bossie.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 11 months ago.


I'm Zoey and I'll be assisting you. I'm reviewing your question now.

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