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Can anyone share a word doc template for Discovery Request

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Can anyone share a word doc template for Discovery Request that includes a request for all assets and financial records?

Hello. My name is Marc. I'm a licensed attorney and I'll be happy to assist you. Since you've indicated you're located in New Jersey, I have attached a fairly comprehensive discovery demand template based on your specifications.

I trust you will find this useful. If so, please be sure to rate my response, since that is the only way I can receive credit. Thank you!

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Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Thank you Marc:) once I send out the request, does the other party need to send the docs to me or to the court?
The other party will send the docs to you or your attorney. The court doesn't get involved unless there's a dispute. If, for example, your adversary objects to one of your demands and refuses to produce a particular document because it's particularly confidential and sensitive, you would have to ask to court to compel disclosure of that document if you really wanted it. The court might in such a case order the document to be produced for "in camera" review, which means the document would be sent to the court and you would be able to review it there. But it's not too common. So again - your adversary will send it to whatever address is on your demand - either yours or your attorney. Good luck!
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