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For two years, I was prosecuted. One year be the state and

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For two years, I was prosecuted. One year be the state and the other by the feds. The incident took place in Portsmouth NH where the police hate me and the case ( which I have completely, including subpoenas, affidavits, police reports, bail hearings and appeals and some of the reports written by police raise a lot of questions. The case involved child porography found on my computer and this happened just 6 months after losing my older brother so I stayed shitfaced for 6 months and during this time I was inviting a lot of musicians to come over and play,compose, drink and do drugs etc. A few of these guys were transients and homeless and there were times where I let a couple spend the night when I was to inebriated to make it to a taxi and also I'm not computer savvy and my computer was not pass word protected. It's clear now that one of these guys was a pervert and when I finally made bond, my son and I went hunting for a couple of them. One of them disappeared completely and the more we talked about it and him, he really seam to fit the bill. He was a very weird guy to begin with but his behavior was strange as well. Anyway, getting back to the story, the police fed the papers embellished, fabricated lies ( on top of my very poor police record- mostly all misdemeanors and all drug and alcohol relalted. But the papers ran with it resulting in my car getting vandalized and malicious ( false ) rumors began to surface. The bail was set way to high $100,000 cash or surety and it took 3 months to raise it. Three weeks after my release, my 29 yr. old son overdosed on that heroin/fentinal crap that was going around the day after his 30th b-day. A month later I was hospitalized for what I thought was a breakdown however it was diagnosed that I had Bi-Polar and with the intense drinking that I had been doing, brought on a panic attack and I called 911 on myself. The story goes on to some very peculiar things occuring. One is that the Fed. cop who the lead cop called in ( I think just to get a subpoena rather than having to face a grand jury ) however this subpoena is called a Federal 1509 and we looked it up in the Fed. codes and conduct copy that we had and they are custom subpoenas used exclusively for taxes on inport and export of merchandise coming into and leaving the country. It stated on the first page that this one was going to be used for a domestic investigation of child porography. When they obtained the warrent ( also I heard that the judge is supposed to view all materials and she openly stated that she was familiar with this officers work and did not need to view the disc with this alledged nefarious matter on it ) they brought around 9 cops with them and the lead investigator, Cristopher Gilroy, who by the way just got suspended without pay after he ran his truck off the road drunk. Anyway, he wrote in his own report which surprised me that when he came to my room where the Comcast modem is, he hard wired to it. I don't use a router. He stated that the IP address that he was reading off from my forensically wired modem was different than the one where he alledgedly connected and downloaded 9 nefarious files. My attn. and I requested a copy of the forensic tool that was used to connect to my computer on the first night and they refused to give us any information about it other than it's name which is called round up. We hired a very professional and fairly famous forensic specialist and she stated that the prosecution is always reluctant to provide information on these types of issues however we stated that we were going to request through the court copies of this round up, the specs on it and free will to perform our own investigation into how it works, it's reliability and it's ratings amoung other professionals in the field. It was the 10th month after they broke my $20,000 bond and remanded me that their case became very unstable. They were offering me time served deals to where I could be home in a few days, that they would expedite a hearing. Of course the answer was no however they came up with something unexpected. When I was arrested, they found 2 grams of pot and 2 grams of mushrooms and charged me with it. After only one week, around 08/13/2014 they nol-processed those two possession charges so when the feds were attempting to find a deal, the first was 18 months on the weed. I said no. Within a couple of days they modified it to pleaing guilty on the mushrooms, time served, no suspended time only one year probation, no fine. I did take that deal. The entire time that I was held Federally ( 11months ) I suffered tremendously. I have four chronic conditions with one being potentially terminal if not looked after and I explained to the nurse at the jail that I was experiencing flu like symptoms and muscle spasms- which are know sympoms of hep c. Also that it had been over 10 yrs. since my last biopsy and over 5 for an ultrasound however they never once even tool a vial count. I thank you.
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 9 months ago.


I'm Zoey and I'll be assisting you. I'm reviewing your question now. Please be patient while I research and compose a reply for you.

Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 9 months ago.

How long ago did all of this happen? What was the final outcome of your state and Federal cases? If you were convicted was it by plea or after trial?

Finally, what is the question that you want to ask about all of this?