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Xxxxxxx I have been talking to the FBI they told me it is a

Customer Question

my name is ***** ***** I have been talking to the FBI they told me it is a civil matter and to get me a lawyer I talked to a st Louis bar association lawyer after that named attorney John mxxxxx he told me that it is also criminal what's happening to me in my aptment I live in chestercield Missouri I am the victim of a hate crime I am being sexually harassed by white racist men that have idenifyed themselves to me while they were sexually harassing me saying to me that we are these racist white policemen which I recorded and sent to the FBI they have been threatening to murder me and trying to murder me in my aptment and still are sexually harassing me and still threatening to murder me and trying to murder me I was also told of a threat of murder by police that said that a person that they know told another person that they know that he was going to have to have me and my son murdered they told me both of the means names I recorded what they told me and sent it to the FBI also these racist white policemen told me that they were going to come into my aptment while I am asleep and bring a Kroger bag of their feces and smear it all in my face and all over my body and that they were going to perform a filthy sex act on me that would fill my body with bacteria I have called the abuse hotline in Jefferson city Missouri I am trying to get me a lawyer like the FBI told me to these racist white policemen told me the 10/14/2016 yes they said we murdered your daughter danielle and we confessed to murdering her and we are going to murder you like we murdered your daughter they said but we can make our confessions and get away with them these white racist policemen told me also that they are going behind me when I am calling lawyers and they are getting in touch with the lawyers and telling them not to call me and not to take my cases against them my son has also been threatened to be murdered by these racist white policemen I need a lawyer like the FBI told me that its a civil matter and to get me a lawyer how can I get a lawyer when these racist white policemen are trying to keep me from getting a lawyer I only have the name of one of these racist white policemen names but they are tyedin with a racist white man that lives in the aptment upstairs over mine he tells me a lot that he is going to poison my food and someone has been coming into my aptment at different times when I leave like I have been telling the FBI I was told by Washington DC INTERNAL AFFAIRS that these racist white policemen are in the chesterfield police deptment like I said I only have one of their names the FBI told me the 8/29/2016 that it is also city racist white policemen the metropolitan police the police that are threatingmy life these racist white policemen that i am telling you about have almost murdered me four times a lawyer told me to go and file for an order of protection how do I get a lawyer my son and i have been living under this hate crime for to long I have also called the police and told them about this
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Brandon M. replied 11 months ago.

Good day, my name is Brandon. The question is how to get a lawyer -- my first question for you is if you have the financial means to hire a lawyer?