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I have been verbally abused for over 15 yrs. by my husband

Customer Question

I have been verbally abused for over 15 yrs. by my husband now... I finally gotten the strength ta get me and my 4 daughters out of this unsafe. Disturbing environment but, I believe it's now too late for my two teenagers because they too have become verbally abusive towards me and their two youngest sisters. Just my husband has turn a bit more violent on me... he has thrown things and he has gripped my wrists and shoulders leaving marks on me. I have fibromyalgia, PTSD and I also have a brain condition called Chiari Malformation with Cervical Syrinx's. He is continuously putting me down, calling me names, belittling me along with my two teenage daughters.
The end of December 2015 my husband told me he did not love me no more, he did not want to take care of me any longer, I disgusted him, he didnt want to hold my hand no more, I was nothing but a bag of bones to him, I made him sick and that we were only married by a piece of paper.
My question is.... isn't there a GA marriage law or some kind of law that when one spouse stops giving to the other what one needs/wants.... I mean he said he didn't love me no more and didn't even want to take care of me no more, I disgusted him, etc. .....
Isn't that PROOF enough THAT MY MARRIAGE IS over and I may choose to look for another partner to fulfill my needs/wants.... let alone my husband was abusive to me and our children.
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  legalgems replied 9 months ago.

Hello! I will be reviewing your question and posting a response momentarily; if you have any follow up questions please respond here. Thanks!

Expert:  legalgems replied 9 months ago.

I am so sorry to hear this; are you looking for information on how to initiate the divorce process?

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
My question is.... isn't there a GA marriage law or some kind of law that when one spouse stops giving to the other one what one needs/wants.... due to what my husband said to me and how he treated me.... it was okay for me to look somewhere else... to find LOVE in another place??? I do not feel as though i cheated on him at all... he abused me and my children.... I should have gotten out with my girls years ago but, I could not find the strength in me to do so.
Expert:  legalgems replied 9 months ago.

You are correct

19-11-43 requires one spouse to support another:

(1) A person in one state is declared to be liable for the support of the person's spouse, in conformity with the support laws of this state, and for the support of any child or children of his under 18 years of age and residing or found in the same state or in another state having substantially similar or reciprocal laws; and, if the person is possessed of sufficient means or is able to earn such means, he may be required to pay for this support a fair and reasonable sum according to his means, as may be determined by the court having jurisdiction of the respondent in a proceeding instituted under this article. Notwithstanding the fact that either spouse has obtained in any state or county a final decree of divorce or separation from the other spouse or a decree dissolving their marriage, the obligor under this Code section shall be deemed legally liable for the support under this article of any dependent child of the marriage, whether or not there has been an award of alimony or support for the child or children;

One can also file for divorce, and then the court will consider property division and alimony during that process.

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Customer: replied 9 months ago.
No... you did not answer my question.
My husband is trying to get me on adultery! It is my belief/understanding that I DID NOT CHEAT ON HIM AT ALL. After all he has put me through and the abuse. Would you say the judge would see it my way??? Like I said Is there a law for a spouse not living up to their marriage vowels/expectations???
Expert:  legalgems replied 9 months ago.

Unfortunately, it is legally considered adultery up until the parties are divorced. However, the judge will look at ALL of the circumstances, so if the other party was abusive, for example, that can be very detrimental to them as domestic violence is horrible and the courts typically punish the offender whenever possible.

Expert:  legalgems replied 9 months ago.

I'm sorry you are having to deal with this; i certainly hope the above has clarified the law. I wish you the best on this. Thank you and take care.