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I found a unlicensed title 15 fcc transmitter in my home

Customer Question

Hi I found a unlicensed title 15 fcc transmitter in my home that local police planted thru a long time friend they arrested along with a hidden camera on my bed when serial activities occurred I need help because I have transmitter wire that police said they will plant my DNA in crime scene if I don't return along with finding 10 officers live in my building and we're in trapping me with on duty officers while they were officers living in building then they did a defamation of character and violation of judge protective order aswell when officer Salazar and female partner came on private property when I was doing my laundry minding my own business and promised to right me a letter promising were going to police station only to take psych eval when I have No mental history at all also when they took me it stated I said I found fiber optic wires in my home which I did I still have it and I documented it in lobby of internal affairs van nuys complaint #16001280 Seargent. Slesenger along with longbeach train camera when my eat card was denied at wings top I got on train and put motherboard of unlicensed title 15 federal transmitter up to camera two different ones one inch away so the numbers like 330 is shown little black ball on there and different numbers aswell now after they stated that they took me for mentioning fiber optics they stated for me saying cops were trying to kill me which they did in canyon country were all police live I was cut off 6 times as each time they smashed on brakes making me and my friend swerve into rock pole which hit me directly on back passenger right door were trunk was crushed to hood along with gas leak and electric sparks getting close to gas I was rushed to Henry mayo hospital in grave condition and was neglected by hospital kicked out in 3 hours with no ride when I could not even slide from hospital bed to x-ray bed I have hospital paperwork aswell so I took to probation officers office on outside camera I showed female security both things they defamation my character for and security said it herself they kidnapped me along with LAC DMH officers who saw my evidence and stated I was unlawfully arrested because arrest before that I got out 2 days before they illegally arrested me 9 times by bieng set up by people in building I have paper proof camera proof and documents including mail proof aswell I have 1200 pics of evidence license plates people with visa problems like one of my nieghbors and her mother which daughter assisted as look out while residents moved out when I exposed this I got officers moving out in a uhaul on camera at 1:47a.m. in morning I got women who assisted man that climbed in my window hide apt 103 kept me distracted with asking for screwdriver while man came out my window on side of the house she preceeded to jog fast across st as suspect followed behind handed her something and walked passed her thru apt*****as white van pulls right up to her and I snap picture of hand off right on the money now when pmrt took me illegally 2 days before I got out on bug's tresspass charge I was not only homeless living in my very car that was parked there actually 2 of my cars now I was punched in the face and arrested when working on my car infront of apt 110 camera that's not even pointed at his car and stated months prior that it was connected to west valleys computer know wonder they illegally arrested a kid one to 3 min after he came in parking lot on last 5 to ten arrests there is plenty of evidence in cell at west valley subdivision camera that was facing me you can do lip reading or here my yells of evidence for documentation now I need a lawyer allspice he has to do is put the undeniable pure proof of public corruption defamation of character 3 counts attempted murder intrapment electronic harassment oh and violation of hippa thru my mom calling probation g that I was on drugs because I found out she was involved beyond truth it's so clear and she put false restraining order on top of that at(###) ###-####there is so much evidence of proof it's funny they told on themselves along with #1 involved apt 208 along with number 214 Hispanic couple drive grey Honda Accord police just arrived at my patio coincidence I think not they brought ambu***** *****ke they did when kidnapped by pmrt team a ambulance just pulled in and someone knocked on my window anyway number 3 involved*****husband and wife direct nieghbors with nieghbors to right of them wvpd officer black ford suv along with many nieghbors my life is at risk now report this to fbi and civil rights association there is people outside my house with gunsnot
Submitted: 10 months ago.
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