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I used to work as a social worker with the Department of

Customer Question

Hello there,
I used to work as a social worker with the Department of Children and Family Services when I got in a car accident during a work duty. The accident was my fault and there were 2 other cars involved. The county provided me with a check of $12,700. I had a balance of $17,000 on my leased car and had to take care of the other people involved. Since the county did not do anything regarding the other people I had my personal car insurance take care of the remaining balance of my car and the other 2 cars involved. I gave the $12,700 check from the county to my personal insurance. 20 months after the settling of the car accident I received a letter from DCFS asking me to pay them back $4,000 due to the salvage value of the car. I received the letter from USPS on 10/6 and had to make the payment by 10/12. I reached out to DCFS to ask for an extension of the time and explain that I did not pocket their check, I gave it to my car insurance. DCFS asked me to prove that I gave the check to my car insurance so I reached out to my insurance which provided me with a letter stating that I had given them the check and that the insurance had to take care of the 2 cars I hit. The insurance also said that the salvage value of the car was around 2,000. After reviewing the letter from my personal insurance , DCFS is now requesting for me to pay the $2,000. Is there anything else that I can do?
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Asad Rahman replied 9 months ago.

Unfortunately you are on the hook for that difference unless you can add that to your own damages that your own insurance company would cover.