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How time after I have for medical claim in California.

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How long time after I have for medical claim in California.
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
To an Insurance .

I read your question as asking how long do you have to file a claim for insurance benefits under your health insurance policy. [As opposed to a medical malpractice claim against a medical provider.] If this assumption is true, then start by reviewing your terms of coverage, which will set out when and how to file a claim. Often, if the claim is disputed, and you wish to appeal, the policy will require arbitration. Arbitration clauses are often skewed to benefit the carrier, but courts often enforce them, but subject to the protections of the California Insurance Code. Secondly, as a matter of case law interpreting California public policy, courts will often invalidate an unduly short timeline to file your claim. But essentially, here is your basic guidance to take the next step: a) research the policy; b) research the California Insurance Code and c) pursue your appeal if the claim is deemed untimely filed, and you have good reason for why the claim could not be earlier submitted. This response is a general information offered for public education, and is not to be viewed as an offer of legal advice to any individual.

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