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I have a very complex issue. I have been living a complete

Customer Question

I have a very complex issue. I have been living a complete nightmare that no one would believe but I am in desperate need of an attorney. I have been unable to obtain an attorney throughout this journey in the state of Indiana due to corruption. I have also been unable to obtain help from the police due to corruption as well. I have been blackballed by someone/or several people. I don't know who because I am the victim and that is not my job, but after 10 years of living this hell, one can only come up with some theories as to who it may be. The police were caught in my town last year in wrongdoings and the entire force including the chief, deputy, my neighbor, and a CDR who was also a realtor with his wife who kept coming to my house asking to list my house were all asked to resign instead of being fired along with 7 others. They are now trying to rebuild the force. The newspaper had asked if any other people had any experiences with the police department to call the Indiana State Police. I did, but they would not talk to me, because they knew my story was 10 times worse than any of the others reported and they just want me to be gone. Truth. I have all the proof in the world that this town is as crooked as they come. My Father was a Police Detective in Detroit so I have great pride in the Police, at least the good ones, and I am afraid that the Underground has possibly taken over the police in Chicago and gone into NW Indiana based on my experience of fighting for my life and being denied every civil right known to mankind. There is nothing wrong with me, albeit their efforts to make me look like a crazy person, based on my having a bi-polar brother, leaving it very easy for them to make it look like a genetic issue. I have the craziest story to tell. I feel I have tried everything possible in my fight. I am 62 years old and am "physically" disabled due to a rare condition and feel I am lucky to be alive as I have brushed deaths door several times and that it is my Lord that is carrying me and wants me still here for whatever the reason. I have had identity theft, fraud, computer and phone hacking, break-ins (too many to count), phone calls and e-mails that have been intercepted or not received, disappeared, robbed, robbed, and robbed in the 10's of thousands at this point that monetarily I am just about cooked. I was thinking of going to Washington D.C. as I once worked for the CIA and at the Pentagon, but truthfully I am at the end of my energy level to battle this anymore. I cannot continue to fight this on my own (not that I haven't had many witnesses, but I am referring to police and legal protection). I did not think this was possible to happen in the United States but it has and our country is in great turmoil, more than our good citizens are aware. Because people have nowhere to turn when they come into circumstances such as myself. I won't go into more detail as I have pretty much given up on computers, police, and lawyers, etc., especially seeing to this day I have things happening on a daily basis and just two days ago I spent an hour typing a letter to an authority and when I sent it, it disappeared. I have spent a fortune trying to secure my equipment including my phones. Again, I had a witness, which is what I try to have at all times, but never seems to do any good for this, or any other thing I might try, and believe me, I have tried just about everything. It is a shame that our country is in the state it is, and I believe that if some of the people I went to in my first couple of years actually paid attention to what I was saying, things might not be as bad as they are today. And I am sure I am just one of many. Sure, it may have sounded extreme, but for someone who had a flawless record and the work background that I did, it still amazes me that no one listened; but then, that is where one of my theories is that it was an inside job. God help our country and God bless the good attorneys and police out there as I am afraid they may be the minority. I have many attorneys and police in my family and I believe they are all very saddened at what is going on now in our country as are so many other millions. Thank you for your time.
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Legalease replied 9 months ago.

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