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My brother in law stold my 2003 blazer on May 28th it has

Customer Question

My brother in law stold my 2003 blazer on May 28th it has been mine since i paid for it in full back in 2013. It's been wth me since then i put the tags n insured in his name tho until this year when it was to be put in my name n my sister's name but some how it was nt n it was still in his name. He took it one morning out of my yard n I have nt seen it since then. His gf had gotten a power of attorney to sale it while he was in jail on another crimal act he had done. Am told the motor blew up n he sold it to pick n pull here in Arkansas which I believe is a lie cuz u would he sign a power of attorney for he stating so she could stating she was getting the power of attonry to sale my vehicle. So what can I do about this.
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Thelawman2 replied 9 months ago.

Hello, my name is ***** ***** I will be helping you today.

Because this is a private dispute over who owns property, the police won't get involved even if you report it. Their response will be that they do not know who is the rightful owner of the vehicle and therefore they cannot determine who should be arrested, especially if the vehicle isn't titled in your name.

The only thing you can do is bring a lawsuit against whoever currently has possession of the vehicle in order to have it returned to you. You will need to present as much evidence as possible that, although the title might not be in your name, you were supposed to be the owner of the vehicle.

If they say the vehicle is sold and no longer available to recover, you can sue for the damages of them taking the car still. You would basically receive monetary damages in the amount of the worth of the car rather than getting the car back.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.