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I was asauted by my own children, I was hit ,kicked and

Customer Question

I was asauted by my own children, I was hit ,kicked and choked,and headlock at a public park . I called 911 for help because I am a person with mental and physical disability. I was beating for 20 minutes by my own 2 sons and my 3 daughters were looking at me being kids left me on the floor, when the police arrived,the officer asked me what happened. I told himabout my incident and he laughed at me and didn't pay full attention ,so he contradict me he's attitude was not professional. So he asked me for my oldest daughter number, when she answered her phone,the officer asked her what happened, she gave him false information stating that I had thrown a rock at her car. I was not true,answer also said that I threw the first punch and that was false statement.first of all, I was tackled by my oldest son,weighing about 250 pounds and taclked to the ground where I couldn't move. My youngest son was punching me in the face and body. I have pictures to prove it. As a father I couldn't touch my son's ,because of their actions ,my mental status went into shock. I take many mental medications like trazadone ,xanex,gabapentine,latuda,ambient remeron,cymbalta,. The police officer ended the coversatin through the cellphone with daughter. He turned around and told me what she had said.I told him, that was not true. He threatened me that he will go get there statement and take me to jail,. I was stunned at he's action. He had a very bad attitude towards me. After telling him, I was mentally and pysIicaly disabled.I was very shocked and initimadated by he's words and and hissmile. He ingored totally ignored my statement . Which I told him the truth. He took my daughters state mentioned over mine. When I was the one calling for assistance. My kids were not present at all to take any statement from them ,only through the cell phone . I was scared and felt useless,at that very moment confused. I felt that my rights were violated,because he did not followed police procedures, by believing my kids statement over mine. When he should had called her to come back to the crime scene, to at least see if there was any damaged and I told offixer there are no rocks any where in the area where this ocured, I was under some trees. . Before I saw the my daughters car making a uturn . After he saw me physically hurt. The ambulance was there and gave an ice pack for my face bruises. I was scared of he's actions of not doing he's job. I couldn't believe that after I was the one calling for help,.ThinkING I was going to jail,so I declined he's assistance, because I did not wanted to go to jail,because I had a bond... and justice was not being served . Before the officer was leaving,"he's remark was" next time make sure you have a witness. After the humiliation and feeling scared ,I called my wife for help and told her what had happened. My wife couldn't believe what had happened. My wife took me to my mother-laws house,where I was staying,due to family issues incident. ..l feel that he didn't do he's job,by taking a verbal statement... I am having trouble coping with this matter till this day. I told my phyciatres councelor an my other doctors about this, painful incident.with my family , he did not make the right procedure by doing justice,by not calling my kids to be present..then he would have seen no damage on her car or on them physically. ,he should had of qquestioned ,them individually. The way an officer is trained to . Then he would of found out the real truth. .
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Legal
Expert:  Asad Rahman replied 1 year ago.

I am really sorry to hear this. I think you should file a complaint with the police department for officer misconduct. You should also consider filing a lawsuit for assault against your kids. This will help your complaint against the police officer as well.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Would I be able to sue the police department after filing a complaint with an attorney
Expert:  Asad Rahman replied 1 year ago.
that is very hard because the government has immunity against many legal claims. It is called sovereign immunity. You could sue the police officer
Expert:  Asad Rahman replied 1 year ago.

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